12 Secrets Ladies Don’t Want You To Know 

As much as we think girls are expressive whether in friendships or in a relationship, they still love to be discrete. 

  1. She has her fair share of insecurities about you: No matter how cool she might be with your female friend, she still sometimes secretly wishes her to get eaten by dogs!
  2. They can’t resist being ignored: 😀 To give an example, ask her out. If she says no, get over it the next moment. Do not, do not try again or plead. Congratulations! You just earned her attention now!
  3. She does not like being told what to do: Really! She might still listen to you out of love, but nonetheless let her be her own parent.
  4. They check out guys:Probably not the exact way we guys do. But an example of what my friend would call a well built guy is ‘Palangtod‘ (means ‘one who could break the bed’ in Hindi)
  5. She wants you to value her: Praise her! No matter how confident and mature she is, she would still want you to compliment her time and again. Keep her reminding that she’s the most beautiful girl.
  6. She does not want you to trouble her during that time of the month: She is in pain. She just wants you gulp your ego for those three days and bear her or rather bear with her.
  7. She isn’t to be taken for granted: She is as much empowered as you are. So thank your luck if she cooks for you. It isn’t her job to do that.
  8. They love confidence: Get that confidence and walk up to her and ask her out. There is a fairly good chance she would agree (unless you are a complete jerk or she feels you are out of her league, anyway there would be someone else for you).
  9. She loves it when you hold her from behind: Don’t know if its the surprise element of it or what, but they really yearn their guy to hold them like that
  10. She would ‘say it’ if she needs advice: Mostly she just wants you to listen to her when she has a problem
  11. They actually like it when stalked/stared at/given attention: Though definitely not in a creepy way. Not at all. But, because its difficult for many guys to know where to draw the line, this point is open for subjection.
  12. They TALK amongst themselves: Like they really, really talk. For those who who still didn’t get it, girls talk about everything they did with their boyfriends, with their girl friends. So next time, be a little aware, because mate, your reputation might be at stake here !

Written by : Jayesh Ghatar 


The content of this piece are solely that of the writer above and do not in anyway represent the ideas of Geeflix.

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Lead editorial and publishing team at Geeflix.

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