13 Proven Practical Ways to Overcome Fear Permanently in Your Life

“How do I get rid of fear in my life?” Have you been looking to overcome fear permanently in your life and turn your life around, then this write up is for you. Before we go into the solutions to get rid of fear in your life we want you to know that there is good news for you because after reading this article you will be able to kill your fears and take full control of your life.

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I want you to know that every human being has fears even the most bold of men. Fear is normal. The only thing between you and them is that they have mastered their fears. They no longer see fear as fear per say, the best thing is to view fear differently, seeing fear as a driving force.

Let me let you know that it is quite normal to feel the emotion of fear and nervousness. The only abnormal thing in it is to allow it kill your drive and your goals. I will help you reclaim your life. We all know the saying Fortis Fortuna Aduivat meaning fortune favors the brave.

For anyone who has suffered from acute fear and anxiety, I know this is easier said than done. We all have the best intentions of kicking fear in the butt, but when fear latches on, sometimes it bring a devastating feeling that can mar your motivation and outcome.

What are your Fears?

what is fear?

Fear is an emotion or feeling induced by a impending threat real or mental. The feeling of fear causes a change in brain and organ function and, consequently, a change in our behavior. It isn’t just a response to a real threat, but also only a perceived one.

What most of us fear are the feelings that come with the “what ifs” in life.

What if I fail?

What is i lose?

What if I fail?

What if I look stupid?

What if I lose my job?

What if he or she turns me down?

I could keep going on and on, the list is endless. But come on you have to give it a try, you wont die when giving it a try, do not assume your fears. They are not real its a state of mind that you have to flush out with positive thoughts and actions.

We often fear a possible outcome, even though there might not be any real danger. When confronted with a possible threat, our basic survival instinct is the fight-or-flight response. Historically, it allowed humans to stay alive because it acts as a warning mechanism for avoiding things that might harm us.

In our modern world, fear has taken on a different form. Most people do no longer face physical threats like wars and extreme lawlessness as it used to be in the early years of mans history, Now fear acts a warning mechanism for our life choices.

One thing is for sure Sure, it stops you from running into oncoming traffic and getting killed, but it also stops you from taking chances and risks of any form. No matter how beneficial the possible outcome, your fear will always kick in to say: “Well, hold on there buddy. There a million ways this can go wrong, it’s just not worth the risk.” You have nothing to lose, don’t do it.

While growing up you may have experienced things or had undue influence that inhibited the fearless spirit that comes with been a child. Life is full of ups and downs and the journey to a fulfilled life and success in career or business with good and bad encounters, inspiration, excitement, high energy, motivation and disappointments.

The road to the top is plagued with intimidation, wavering, hesitation, doubt, low self esteem and trepidation. Especially when it comes to the details and taking action. You get seized by fear to the point that you lack zero motivation to get a particular thing done

Shivering, procrastination, making excuses, getting cold feet, not following through, self-sabotaging talks and not making decisions that will move you forward. Everyone’s meaning and measure of success are different, however, whatever your meaning of success, it is attainable.

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Tested Tips to Conquer and Get Rid of your Fears Permanently.

how to get rid of fear

1. Resolve against the mental lie

When you want to do a new thing you’ve never done before, your thoughts tend to sprint. Thoughts run through your minds daily and you have conversations in your head. Sometimes these conversations are similar to the analogy of the devil on one shoulder telling you one thing and the angel on the other shoulder telling you the opposite. The back and forth dialogue creates analysis paralysis.

Once the thoughts that you cant do it and all the other negative thoughts  kick in then you may start to shiver. Do not keep quite in your mind and allow that thought to consume you. Fight back, respond to the voice in your head with i can do it, you negative voice you cant stop me. Whatever you say i will do the opposite.  Keep repeating this in your mind till you neutralize the negative thoughts.

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2. Find the facts

Sometimes researching the facts about something you fear will make the fear more manageable. A friend of mine lost a friend to ovarian cancer and started fearing that she would get it too. Then we helped her research the statistics on getting it and saw that her odds were slim. keep those statistics handy when the fear kicks. There is always two options to your fear the reality that you can win and the mirage in your mind that you will lose.

3. Don’t Believe in Failure. Think Positively 

Don’t let yourself believe in failure. the reality is that you dint get it right that particular time. It is normal not to get it right that particular time. Failure is what makes success sweet and major. Many great men like Abby Lincoln failed many times. In the book “As a Man thinketh” by James Allen, he discusses the power of thought. You have the ability to think your way into a successful life. Actions are followed by our thoughts so thinking successful thoughts will produce the right action.

Talk the talk and Walk the walk. Practice what successful people do, go where they go, dress for success. Make positivity your subconscious mood although bad thing can happen to discourage you make sure not to budge, soldier own there is no great man you see that dint have fears.

4. Don’t Allow yourself to overthink things

Reframe and retrain; Once Over thinking tries to kick in, tell your mind hold it right there. All you have to do is try to know if the thing you want to do is a positive step for your life and humanity. Then once you pick that out pick then resolve that you wont think about it, you will just follow your heart. You can also Speak to someone about your challenge. Usually, they will offer insight you may not have thought of. This helps you get out of the indecisive state.

Overthinking is an activity that contemplates possible outcomes in a way that is unproductive.  You think too much on a particular thing to a point where it affects your actions, thoughts, and emotions. When you overthink, you are slow to make a decision. When you hit this block, it’s important to get to clear your mind.

5. Focus on the task not the Emotions

Do not allow your emotions overshadow your rationality and the goals you want to reach. Have you ever done, failed to do or said something you regretted while in an emotional state?  Emotional based decisions can potentially cause more harm than good.

Emotions should not be a guide when making decisions. Let your rationality and goals guide you. While I am not suggesting to ignore what you are feeling, I am however saying to be aware. Negative emotion can bring about impulsive actions or reactions.

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6. Think and Do the opposite of your fears

Make sure you always write out your fears. Next, write the impact this fear has on your progress. Next, write the activity you need to do to push through that fear. Take action and trust that something good will happen for you even if it’s incrementally.

Focus on positive outcomes. Ask yourself, what if this does work? Then tell yourself good will come from it. This activity will put you in a mindset of accepting and preparing for the success you desire.  If your fears tell you not to do it just do the opposite of whatever its telling you.

7. Breathe Deeply.

When you feel the symptoms of fear (heart racing, anxiety, etc.), take 5 minutes to do some slow breathing from your diaphragm. This will help calm your body and mind. While breathing that way speak to yourself with words like relax, i am greater than this, i will overcome. Occupy your mind with positive thoughts about the situation.

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8. Practice what you fear the most

The more you get involved in what you fear most there is a corresponding adaptation to the fear feelings because there is a regular intake of the fear dose which your brain and body has been frequently used to. When you take action on what you fear the most and come out on the other side alive and well, you will gain the much-needed confidence to do it again and also do other things you were afraid of. The experience will provide you with ways to improve and you will realize that it was not as bad as your mind tried to trick you into believing it would be. From today don’t allow it to trick you again.

9. Unhinge from approval

It took me a long time to realize that I couldn’t keep everyone happy or get their approval. Once you realize this you will kill the bait that leads to the feeling of rejection which creeps in fear in you. When you try to get approval, most times you will compromise yourself. So worry far less about what other people think, and it is so liberating! You will never win approval. Be yourself, and those who love you as you are will be those you want around you. So that even if you don’t get the approval you will not shrink down because in the first place you were not after their approval.

10. Surround yourself with those that take massive Positive Action

There is a saying that show me your friends and i will show you who you are. People you roll with have a big influence in your life. We all know that talk is cheap, if you surround yourself with people that take massive action and don’t give excuses their influence on you will help you overcome fear.

There is what we call learning by association, If you surround yourself with action takers, doers, mentors, visionaries and business leaders you will be inspired and motivated to do the same. This people will directly or indirectly encourage you to take positive steps toward your goal.

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11. Unhinge from perfectionism.

The moment you realize that no one is perfect and that you cannot be perfect then 90% of your fears will crash. Perfectionism is boring, impossible, and draining. Embrace your flaws and laugh at them. They connect you to the rest of the flawed people in the world.

12. Laugh and have fun.

Take it easy on yourself, don’t down yourself with strict rules of life. If you can take yourself and the world less seriously, you will be able to enjoy life fully. We have this one life, so why spend it worrying and fretting? May be once in a while go to the cemetery and see thousands of dead people. Do not wait go and enjoy your life. Let your feeling known to that person you love go and get that thing you want. Do not wait for tomorrow. Do it Now, faith acts now.

13. Exercise

Go for a walk, go and jug, go to the gym, do some exercise, do some yoga. It makes you feel stronger, clearer, more powerful, and healthier. When you feel good physically, you will feel good mentally.

Remember that Fear is normal but you have to learn to control it in this way you will defeat fear technically. This will improve your confidence in yourself and your ability will get stronger. Take that action now, and expect positive outcomes. The world is yours, go and dominate the world.

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Hope this article on Practical Ways to Overcome Fear Permanently in Your Life was immensely beneficial. Let us know your thoughts. Do not forget to share this article on social media so as to help others dealing with acute fear and anxiety. Sharing is caring.


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