3 Ways To Cultivate An Atmosphere For Success

Before you can start making the decisions that will bring you close to your goals, you must create an environment in which you can thrive. If you’re reading this article, you may need to take some time to reevaluate your current surroundings. I want you to live an abundant and prosperous life, however, you define that for yourself.

As published on Goalcast, John Fischer shares a masterpiece insight on the necessity and practical ways to cultivate an environment to set you up for success. He wrote:

For you to live that abundant life, you must reinforce your environment with tools that are conducive to success. Start with these three ideas and do your best to continue to stack the odds in your favor.

1- Create a Morning Routine

Let’s start with your morning routine. What is the first thing you focus on when you wake up? If you’re like most people, you go and check your phone. You check to see how many texts and emails you missed. You scroll through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. If you are happy with your life and don’t want anything to change, then continue to do that. But if you are like me and want way more from your life than you’re currently getting, you’re going to need to become more than you currently are. One way to become more is to create the habit of writing your goals out on paper every morning so that it can be the first thing you see before you start your day. Every success book I have ever read suggests doing this. There is power in taking the action to write out your goals physically and also to see it on paper with your eyes. Start implementing this in your morning routine and take the time to think about what it would feel like when you do achieve that goal.

2 – Clear the Clutter

Focus requires clarity. For you to have clarity, you must remove all of the clutter and the confusion from your life. This could mean mentally as well but for the sake of this article let us concentrate our efforts towards your work environment. You need to establish your workplace in a way that it can be systemized. What do I mean by systemized? This is the ability to organize your work in such a way that you can operate at your desk mechanically without having to think or second guess. Take the time to arrange your workplace so that you know where everything is and you stop putting everything into piles. When you are working, you should have no second thoughts as to what goes where. By systemizing your work, you will be able to focus on the most important points. If you want to be a true achiever and accomplish your dreams, you must be more productive; your time is too valuable to waste on trying to determine where to put something or where you may have lost something.

3 – Visualize your Dream

You must immerse your mind with the image of your dream life. Whatever it is that you want most, find pictures of this and print them out. Put these pictures all over the walls and doors of your home or office. My entire house is filled with pictures of things that keep me motivated and inspired. Some of you may be thinking that is too silly to do, or you just don’t feel like taking the time to do this. Let me ask you this; how dedicated are you to achieving your dream if you’re not even willing to put pictures of it all over your house? Remember you aren’t just looking at pictures for fun, this is the life that you want for yourself. These pictures are showing you your future and what you will have. Be creative and make it fun! Have your significant other or your kids be involved also. There is nothing more exciting than being in agreement over your dreams and goals with the ones you love the most!

Remember, success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream. So start with these steps and you will already be well on the path to success.


John is an entrepreneur, speaker and business consultant. He has read over 200 books on the topics of personal development, psychology, success, and business and has a passion for empowering people and helping them to reach their fullest potential.

Credit: Goalcast


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Editorial Staff

Chief Editorial and publishing team at Geeflix. All ideas and information presented in the article above are solely that of the aforementioned guest contributor. To submit or publish an article CLICK here

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