4 Greatest Obstacles To Success And How To Tackle Them

While people are busy finding the keys to success, they neglect the possibility of they harbouring traits that hinders them from finding or even coming close to it.

This is particularly true for people who have been pushing hard enough but things seem not to be amounting to anything productive. It might not just be nature after you, you’re sometimes your own biggest enemy. Learning to curb out negative and hindering traits will leave more room for positivity to flow and radiate through your situation.

Below are the core three traits that hinders people from success:


1. Pride:

I deem pride as the greatest enemy to progress. It’s like a stench that everyone perceives except you.

Pride like a bag of burden prevents people from possible advancement due to an inflated image it paints concerning themselves. It gives you the idea that you don’t need help from anyone and ultimately, you’re better than everybody else.

The greatest problem with pride is that it prevents you from learning. Learning new stuff is a prerequisite for success, it strengthens your weak areas and creates room for growth and development. The only barrier between where you are and where you want to be is hinged on what you know. And what you need to know can only be gotten through learning.

You can’t learn without humility, you must be willing and ready to subject yourself to being a  student and be prepared to seek assistance from people equipped with the knowledge you desire even if you have a higher status than them. Do not let pride get in your way, lower your shoulders and you’ll be better ready to fly.


2. Laziness:

The world is filled with sugar-coated stories of success where people wake up one morning and they’re ultimate millionaires.

The media loves to show the success stories of those who have achieved greatness in their field but neglect the journey it took them to get there. Students no longer want to study hard at school but rather scramble the internet for get-rich-quick mega schemes.

In simple plain fact, no sizeable amount of success is achieved without investing adequate and sufficient efforts.

The greatest form of laziness that leads to people becoming under achievers and failures in life ultimately is the laziness to think. Some people just find it difficult to engage their brain in thinking sessions.

So when I speak about laziness I ain’t talking about your inability to pull some weights or work  18-hours, am talking about the lack of interest exhibited by people to think their way out of circumstances, and their overdependence on the government or some individual out there to come up with solutions that will help better their lives.

As someone aiming for success, you must be ready to confront and solve your own problems rather than waiting for others to come up with solutions for you. When you come up with an idea, engage yourself in action and put modalities in place to see it materialise.


3. Lack of goals

Having no set plans or actionable goals and expecting to attain success is like shooting at nothing and hitting it every time. Goals keeps us in check and sets our direction on cause. It gives us a bearing of what our attention should be centred on at various moments and help us barricade what’s important from what’s not.

To achieve success in any facet of life, it’s  important to have long and short term goals. And these goals should  be REALSITIC. Don’t come up with a bunch of plans that you know you wouldn’t be able to follow through even if you had help from 10 of you combined. Goals should be specific, brief and plain.

A realistic goal will steer up  a sense of motivation in you to get started while unrealistic ones will leave you frightful and discouraged.


4. Impatience

The present generation is driven by a desire to see sudden results from little input of work. Most people give up on their dreams once it begins to take longer than expected for it to  materialise and in so doing, give up on the journey.

Success in any field takes time to grow and flourish. There must be input of passion, dedication and perseverance and a long time of waiting to experience long lasting success.



Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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