4 Lies The World Wants You To Believe

There are many erroneous belief currently circulating the world today. Man-made assumptions and traditional concept that doesn’t justify any significant truth have been blindly upheld by people for centuries. The fact a concept or a “supposed idea” can date back to centuries doesn’t make it valid. Validity should be based on proven facts and not mere assumptions.

The world is filled with numerous misconceptions that people are too wimpy to contest. Many are scared to question these assertion because they feel some things are just not meant to be questioned. Well, I say crap to that!


Here are some lies told by the world:


1 .Hard work equates success


A couple of generations back this might hold true. But in the 21st century, hard-work will only leave you busy without no true productivity when you don’t apply wisdom.  In this generation, the order of the game isn’t hard-work, it’s smart work!

Without applying wisdom to your work, you’d be left doing all the hard labour while those who work less than you do climb to the apex. Why? Because they’ve broken out from the lie told by the world and learnt to work smarter.. Not harder.


2 .Karma repays us all

No need to look far. Just look within your community, does the apparently “evil people” seem to be paying for their sins? Honesty would answer no!

Take for example corrupt politicians who loot from the country’s treasury and abscond with tax payers money leaving the poor masses to underserved hunger and low standard of living, what has karma done about this? NOTHING!

On the contrary, these same people get to enjoy most of life’s luxuries and the best of practically everything.

The law of karma was propounded by people who intend to feel soothing comfort in believing that life would appropriately repay all deeds (either good or bad). But we know reality isn’t sentimental. Life is whatever you make of it!


3 .Money isn’t everything.

No lie has ever been told further from this. Inasmuch I’d like to convince myself otherwise, the world is governed by money. Every human on the surface of the earth engages in activities to better improve their chances of getting more of it.

Some sign up for two to three jobs to earn more money. Most people even taken up professions they hate and do not mind being miserable for the rest of their lives so long it pays the bills.

The students spend late hours studying hard to get better grades to improve their chances of landing a high paying job.  The religious organizations can’t function effectively without generous donations from kind individuals and you won’t be treated with respect or appreciation without having a few bucks to your name.

Sadly, this is how the world works and money is pretty much everything in our society. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.


4 .You become successful when you’ve deserved it.

Most people believe that when you’ve suffered enough and worked your hearts out, the world will eventually crown your work with success. How sorry!

The world doesn’t hand anything on a platter of gold. Even if you’ve followed  all the personal development rules and success strategies there is, the world won’t still hand success over to you. you’ve got to demand and get it for yourself.

Rather than waiting for nature, you’ve got to figure out your path and fight for what you want . Many have work very hard but are still poor and unproductive.


Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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