5 Proven Tips That Will Make You Standout At Work

To standout at work or from the pack of others at your job doesn’t necessarily require you to be the most talented or the one who seems to get the most work done. There are simple traits you can pick up and harness that can make you become one who gets to share most of the spotlight. Inasmuch as most people might hate competition, it doesn’t rule out the fact that life is governed by it. Your ability to climb to the top ranking doesn’t come cheap, you must continually improve on your survival skills to better broaden your chances of obtaining a comfortable spot on the food chain.

The below tips will help distinguish your from all others at your place of work.


  1. Hard work will always beat talent.

No doubt some people are naturally gifted at easily getting some stuff done and you’ll meet a lot of them at work. This doesn’t rule out the fact that anyone who necessarily isn’t as talented have a chance of being just as good. Any skill can be learned and perfection can be achieved by much practise. It’s all determined by how much work you’re willing to dedicate into it.

Take out time each day and continually learn more about your job, develop new approach on tackling pressing issues and do not be shy to ask for help. There are so many resources available on the internet today, exploit them to your advantage and take night learning sessions.


2. Become flexible; learn other skills

Most people get easily displaced at work because of their rigidity. They’re only skilled in performing only the one task that is required of them. This is a dangerous situation to be found in.

Let’s take for example a high school teacher who was hired to teach just physics (supposing he majored in Physics). For this teacher to standout and obtain chances for a promotion, it would be wise for him to also develop himself in Mathematics and Chemistry. In a situation where there is need for a math teacher, he can easily fill in and eventually get paid in performing two jobs.

Your place of work isn’t just a place where you’re paid to meet daily task, It’s also an open ground for learning. While working, be smart enough to pick up skills from your colleagues and learn what you can from their various department.


3. Become a social media geek

When people hear the word “social media“, the first thing that comes to their mind is Facebook, Twitter, etc… Well, that’s correct and I ain’t saying anything different. But nevertheless, What people don’t know is how extensive these social media channels can be and how much more you can use it to your advantage.

Any company that desires to be around long enough would have realised that marketing has gone way beyond paper and television. The  online world is a universe on its own where you can promote and sell practically anything! Companies with good management would better equip themselves by scouting for social media marketers.

Facebook alone has over 2 billion users, that’s over 2 billion potential customers. The smart thing to do for an employee who intends to standout is to learn all you need to know about SM advertising. Get PDF on each social network and specialise on them. This will better improve your versatility.

It’s a terrible idea to check your WhatsApp inbox  at work, please don’t do it!


4. Improve your communication skills.

Communication isn’t all about talking, it also has much to do with how you listening.

Most people listen to give a reply rather than listening to understand things from the perspective of the speaker. Do not be the one who say the most words, be the one whose few words are always sensible and relevant.

Apart from the fact that listening triples  your tendency of learning something new, humans love being heard. Cultivate the attitude of listening carefully with rapt attention when being spoken to not only by your boss, but also by your colleagues. There’s no easier way to gain their trust and make them feel they can tell you anything.

Do not try to fake it, they’ll definitely find out.


5. be the one who gets to speak the hard truth.

Always remember, you were hired to bring your expertise to the plate and proffer your own unique ways of handling task and solving problems.

Do not make the mistake of seeking approval from your boss by agreeing to every opinion he has. The more often you try to seek the approval of your boss, the more you’ll certainly lose his respect.

Be comfortable in disagreeing sometimes only, and if only you have a better alternative.

Air your opinions and speak the truth. This in turn will set you apart from the many “people pleasers” in the world today.

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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