5 Reasons Why Very Few People Fulfill Their Dreams And Many Do Not

Attaining great heights and seeing your dreams come through is one of the greatest rewarding feeling anyone could possibly have. The realization that you’re actually living your dreams and soaring to the apex of your career is a feeling worth fighting for. But sadly, only few embark on this quest and many others either never gets started or even if they tried taking on the journey, they give up half the way. The latter is common for the vast majority of people in the world, saturated with unexploited dreams and uncultivated talents.

It’s easy to dream, have desires and brood fantasies. As a matter of fact, anyone could have dreams and passion, but materializing those dreams into reality takes more than just mere desires. And that’s where the boundary separates successful achievers and the not-so successful ones.

Below are the reasons why few fulfill their dreams and many do not:



Patience isn’t just a virtue, it’s an essential prerequisite for attainment and substantial achievement.

In a generation where people expect to see sudden instant result from short input and less time, the  task required to keep holding on and exercising the strength and courage to wait is a trait not found amongst many. It has been fast on a moving decline with the surface of social media where people compare and measure themselves by the standard of trends, vogues and the fake lifestyle people parade just for attention that fulfills no benefits. Impatience have led many to forsake their dreams and give in after trying a little and seeing no success.

Those who have the courage to chase their dreams, or desires to accomplish it must realize that no long lasting success is achieved over night. It takes dedication and a large chunk of patience. Definitely you’ll feel like giving up when it seems your labor isn’t getting past your nose, but choosing not to quit in the midst of these trials will prepare you for tougher task and equip you with the necessary character to sustain your success when it eventually shows up.


2. Endurance:

Don’t be tempted to confuse endurance for patience. Even though it’s sometimes synonymously used, there is a great deal of difference between them.

Patience refers to the ability to remain calm when waiting for a long time. Endurance on the other hand is your ability to deal with PAIN OR SUFFERING for a long time. For example;

Having a passion to set up a big business enterprise and  Investing your last money on a business you believed would prosper and waiting to see it bring back interest over a stipulated time is called patience. But what if the business doesn’t go as you plan and you eventually lose all your money? Many would retreat.  But it will require endurance to keep going and find alternative means to get back up.

Endurance is choosing not to give up even when everything goes sour.  Many choose to duck when it gets tough, but the few who pull through had realised that challenges are bound to be encountered in life. And running from them doesn’t keep them from coming, facing them head on is your only option if you want to see your dreams come through.


3. purpose driven by direction

Everyone has a purpose. If you think or feel you don’t have one then don’t worry. You can create it! But one must understand that purpose without direction would eventually be fruitless!

Someone might feel his purpose to become an orchestra or a motivational speaker like Anthony Robbins or even a pastor like Joseph Prince. But Without taking time to plan and judiciously conceive your steps, you’d be shooting at nothing and hitting it every time!

To fulfill and achieve your dreams, you must have an agenda ( I recommend getting a personal journal- it helps!). It’s not enough to just have a mental picture of what you want, you must also device plans on how to get it. This can be further simplified by setting up long and short term goals.

Most people usually never fulfill their dreams because they lose track of their direction.

 4. Not caring what others think

Easy to say. But someone with experience in dealing with people would understand it’s the most difficult  thing to attain in the journey of self-actualization especially in a show glass generation like ours. There are very few categories of people in the world who doesn’t give a flip about what others think of them. They recognize that life doesn’t go on forever and they might as well just get on with whatever dreams they have at heart or die never knowing what it means to have tried.

Nothing kills a dream faster than concern over what others might think. The quest for acceptance and the fear of rejection has made many abandon their true cause and dreams.

Many achievers today had one point in time been considered “crazy” for holding on to a dream that was considered impossible by many.

  • Now learn a simple rule: if everyone agrees and approves to your aspirations, hit pause!.. You aren’t dreaming big enough.

You must be willing to endure possible rejections and even contempt from people who are too scared to chase their dreams and advise you to give up on yours.


 5.Shutting down logic or reasoning

Following your dreams sometimes often requires violating certain concepts, rules and even common sense. It might even seem you’re out of your mind to believe your dreams and aspirations would eventually play out. The greatest achievers in the world have from experience learned that the greatest accomplishments usually  come from having to fight the toughest battles ( which occur in the mind) and this is where many give in. When they can’t think of anyway possible for their dreams coming through, they stop trying.

To accomplish your dreams, you must do away with over thinking and reasoning. just do it!


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Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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