5 Tips That Will Help You Step Out From Being Average

While average might sound cool to most people, life offer so much more if we’d step out from our cradle and dare to stand out. The world idolises being normal and any attempt to step out from this concept is harshly followed by criticism and the tendency of being ostracised.

Following the status quo and being like everyone else has nothing special to offer to the world.  Inasmuch as the world will try to fight you for trying to stand out, you owe it to yourself to give your 100% nonetheless.

Stepping out from being average doesn’t come cheap, you must be willing to let go of hindrances and adopt new traits that will be beneficial to your cause. This will reflect in your work, Career, relationship and ultimately your personality. Getting from point A to B and seeing the results you desire requires you to do what most people are too lazy to do. You must be ready to grow and in the process fail and make lots of mistakes. But nonetheless, consistency and dedication will see you through.


These tips will help you on the journey to being extraordinary


1 . Learn something new each day.

Your net-worth can highly be influenced by the amount of information you possess and the skills you have at your grasp. The internet is a wonderful resource for information and knowledge but most people do not exploit these luxuries.

To have any chance of being above average, you must be committed and ferocious in your actions to build your mind and enhance your knowledge. Don’t just wake up like an accident, commit to studying something each day that your future self will thank you for.

You can commit to learn a programming language or finish a chapter of a book. Whatsoever it maybe, Ensure the day doesn’t go down without you learning something new.

Quora is a good resource for information and learning.


2 .Identify what you want out of life

Most people call it purpose or even passion, but whatsoever you choose to name it, it all boils down to this; do not let your life be guided without direction.

To achieve success in any relevant field of life, there is need to set up goals and targets. These goals help streamline your focus and get you more acquainted with what’s important.

If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for everything.

Therefore it’s imperative to know what you want in order to be better equipped and mobilised to go after it.

Set goals for your career, relationship, spirituality etc. Decide how much money you want to earn in a year or what position you want to attain in your business. When this is set, wake up every day and do everything in your power in going after it.


3 .Give your 100% or don’t do it at all!

There’s just one secret to excellence; and that’s putting your 100 percent best and outmost effort in whatsoever you do. This is one trait that will make you step out from being average  and set you sailing on the journey of being extraordinary.

Most average people do not mind taking jobs that they hate even if it makes them miserable for the rest of their lives.  In so doing, they put up a lazy attitude at work and do not mind committing little or no effort to their jobs so long they’re getting paid. This is a wrong attitude and leads to many individuals becoming under-achievers.

You should not take up tasks that you are not willing to give in your best, because wasting precious time on such issues will obviously not yield substantial productivity.

No matter how meagre or unprofitable you think a task/job might be, putting your 100% into it sets it up for success and sets you apart from being mere average.


4 .overcome the temptation of being a slumber queen:

“8-hours of sleep” they say is the optimal duration of sleep for an adult. This is obviously impossible for anyone who intends on achieving success. You can’t sleep for long stretch of hours and expect to operate at an high level of productivity.

You can sleep for 10-hours and still wake up feeling sleepy and miserable because a good  sleep isn’t dependent on quantity but on quality.

To step out from seeing average results in your career, you must cultivate the habit of being an early riser. Getting up on time gives you the leverage to plan your day ahead of the vast majority of people who will still be on dream land at that hour. It gives you the opportunity to set your day’s goals and set room for preparation for your day’s activities.


5 . Dare to take risks:

Rather than hiding in your shell and cowering at the thought of doing something you’re scared of, stepping out from being average requires you to confront your fears and doubts.

Average people love the feeling of being in the comfort zone and are reluctant in stepping into the unknown. They esteem security above freedom.

To set yourself apart, you must be willing to dive off your doubt to have a shot at what you want. Do not shrink in fear but dare to try out your instincts towards something new.

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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