6 Practical Steps To Turn Failure Into Massive Success

Mistakes and failures do not equal defeat as most are deceived to believe. Your mistakes are signs that you’ve tried and made an attempt at something rather than sitting passively and waiting for things to happen. By trying and failing, you’ve set yourself apart from many others who are even too scared to try.

A great number of people who usually encounter failure and mistakes along the cause of their lives are entrepreneurs and business owners. Mandated with the task of taking risks also come with the responsibilities of bearing its effect. These are all part of the journey to financial independence. Nothing great can be achieved from the position of comfort.

“Entrepreneurs know they are not going to learn anything unless they make a mistake” – Robert Kiyosaki

Rather than being downtrodden or carrying the quitting bag over a mistake you made or a plan that didn’t play out as you would have wanted, your failures could be goldmines in disguise if you’re able to dig through and view things from a positive perspective. All it takes is a mind change.

So How do you turn failures into massive successes?

1 . Realise failure is only a temporary setbacks:

Just like a child learning to walk or a student learning a new language, so are failures and setbacks. You do not expect a baby to make perfect walking steps at an early age, he tries to walk and falls down until he eventually masters his steps by repeated falling and rising. The parent doesn’t declare the child a cripple because he misses his first steps. Repeated falling and rising equips the child with the necessary strength and skills to master his steps. The same can be said for failures and setbacks.

The fact your goals or expectations didn’t turnout as planned doesn’t mean you’ve failed. The fact you made a mistake doesn’t mean it’s over. It only becomes fatal when you choose not to get up and keep walking.

2 . Capitalise and Learn from your mistakes and setbacks:

I posted on twitter some time back that “the greatest lessons in life are lessons learnt through mistakes.”  I deem this to be true because there’s something just as important as knowledge that is required to sustain success, it’s called EXPERIENCE. And the best way to enhance your experience is to capitalise on your mistakes.

Rather than groveling over a setback, take timeout to review and study the possible causes that resulted to that failure. Find out what you did wrong and what you could have done differently. Engage in serious thinking sessions and make research on similar cases from those who might have experienced same issues as you have. (There’s no problem or issues that hasn’t been seen or experienced by someone else before. You are not alone and the solutions are within your reach)

3 . Try out new techniques and approach:

Nature itself is dynamic and we ought to approach life from that same view point. You must be ready to adapt and make swift changes if you intend to keep up with the increasing development and competitiveness of humanity.

Rather than changing your goals as a result of a setback, change your approach or strategy instead. Your failure or setback could be as a result of a deficient strategy. Make modifications and try out something different. Expecting to get a different result by repeatedly doing the same thing is insanity. Be apt to make adjustments and alternations.


4 . Seek professional help and expand your knowledge:

There is no amount too big when it comes to gaining a knowledge that will be beneficial to you on a long run. Before trying out a new approach or strategy to combat your setback, do a background check and source for adequate information from people you deem as professionals in that category. There’s a difference between learning from someone who has practical experience and learning from someone who basically read all he knows without haven gone through the process of applying them.

Someone out there has the answer to your questions and would be willing to trade it at a fair price. Take advantage of the online world and scout for the knowledge and information you need, do not be slack when it requires striking a bargain.


5 . There is always an open door when one closes; find it!

While you may think all is gone and lost as a result of a supposed setback, there could be other opportunities waiting to be explored. Do not shut your mind at possibilities but keep an opened mind-set to better receive new ideas.

For example, the spoilage of food during the French revolution experienced by the French army led to the discovery of food canning by Nicolas Appert. A supposedly set back that brought hunger and starvation to the French army led to one of the most useful discovery in the history of food processing.

Don’t look far, an opportunity is lurking to be discovered within your reach.

6 . Draft out more effective actionable goals:

One reason for failure is ineffective goals, and this is due to poor goal setting. Some people are of the habit of setting outrageous goals and most do not even set goals at all. Well, it’s impossible to track your progress without goals and its also intractable to move forward without proper goal setting.

After following the aforementioned tips highlighted above, and you have identified the reason for your setback and what you could probably do differently to get a better result, do not just jump into action without carefully planning your process and possible methods of execution. Set up reasonable goals and drive at it.

I wrote a detailed article on how to set effective actionable goals.




Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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