6 Steps To Find And Maintain True Happiness

Happiness is the ultimate quest in life. The goal of every individual is to be happy and find fulfillment in what they do. Every activity is inspired by it, the desire to make more money and the decision to marry the person you’re fond of is geared towards creating more room for your happiness. People wouldn’t mind doing anything to be happy.

A popular misconception in the world today cherished by many is the idea that if you’re able to acquire more things or get a higher paying job, then you’ll be happy. This have been proven from generations on end to be outright wrong! The richest people in the society are usually not the happiest. Why? Because TRUE happiness isn’t external, it’s bred from within.

The happiest people on earth have over the years developed the ability to draw their happiness from within, rather than letting it rest on external and environmental factors. Things dependent on external influences are subject to change, and letting your happiness rest on such an unsteady platform will not leave you happy for long. That’s the reason most people are subject to mood swings and impulses.


The following tips will help you attain long lasting happiness


1. Refuse to worry

Worry is the greatest opposition to joy and happiness. You can’t be worried and stay happy at the same time, one have got to come in leaving no room for the other to say. So you’ve got to choose.

When you let your mind wander afar searching to find reason to things and trying to figure out the outcome of events, you lose valuable rest and peace of mind. And ultimately, you don’t solve anything by worrying. What will be will certainly be.

Even though you might have got a lot on your plate, try not to think about the worst case scenario. Life will certainly throw hurdles at you but when you decide not to let it get to you, you fix everything in perspective and save your heart some peace.


2. commit to something you love

Gratification gotten from doing what you love is a great source of happiness and fulfilment. Search for something positive and commit your time to it. Yet again it doesn’t have to be grand or big, if it lightens your heart and cause a dent of satisfaction deep within ( so long it’s positive), do it.

I for one enjoy reading the epistles of Paul and writing down a bunch of unrelated random stuff. It’s a great source of inspiration to me and I find peace when I commit my time to doing it.

Now it’s important you understand this; committing to something you love might not necessarily be doing a particular thing you grew up loving (not everyone has that luxury especially people who haven’t discovered theirs). Simply pick anything of your choice and dedicate your time in committing to it, along the line you’d grow to love it.


3. Enjoy the journey

“Enjoy where you are while you’re on your way to where you’re going” is one piece of advice I tell almost everyone I come across.

Most people have this inflated idea that when they get to where they want to be life, then they’d be happy. I hold this to be wrong. My little years of experience in chasing countless goals have taught me that  happiness isn’t in the destination, it’s in the process.

If you can’t find a way to be content with the little you have now, there’s no way you’d be happy and content when you eventually actualise that grand goal you’ve so much pressed for. The more you attain, the more you’ll want to have. Human wants are unlimited.

Therefore learn to enjoy your journey, do not hold back on the little things you can enjoy in the present in anticipation of a perfect day in the future where you’ll be able to enjoy everything. The perfect day may never come so don’t make the mistake of postponing your happiness. You’re only guaranteed of the present, so enjoy the most of it. Also, you can find exciting self-help contents on Agapeless that teaches how you can live and enjoy life simultaneously.



4. Look beyond yourself and love others

The vast society is filled with greed and selfishness and that’s chiefly responsible for the mess the world’s in. That has resulted to the much breed of unhappy people distributed everywhere and to distinguish yourself from them, you must learn to do what they don’t do – love others.

You can just read this and quit reading everything else because this the most important step in unlocking true happiness.

“We are never really happy when we’re only focused on ourselves. Real joy comes when we’re doing what we can do to be a blessing to someone else.” – Joyce Meyer

When you make up your mind to be more of a positive impact to the people around and you, you find true happiness springing forth effortlessly.


5. Pay deaf ears to the dramas in the world

The environment, news and social media are in constant battle to grab your attention. If you’re not careful, you’d lose track of your entire being and ultimately, the essence of your life.

With all the junks online, there’s a need to exercise caution and deliberate decision to what you pay attention to.

You can’t read all the terrible news on TV of disease outbreak and terrorist bombings and expect to stay calm, there’s definitely going to be an arousal of fear and restlessness. You must learn to filter what you let get into you.

If you don’t have a definitive and productive purpose of using social media, there’s no need spending hours scrolling through your newsfeed observing the fake lifestyle of people. This will save you the stress of trying to meet up with trends and useless competition.


6. Hangout with the right people

As it’s popularly said; you’re the average of the five persons you spend time with.

People have the capacity to influence your mood and feelings even without you noticing.

When you spend  time with people who are always grumpy, sad and pessimistic, you’ll find yourself acting like them in no distant time and this will ultimately affect your happiness.

Mingle with people who are cheerful and passionate. The aura emanating from their attitude will definitely rub-off on you.

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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