6 Tips That Will Improve Your Learning Capacity

Life in itself requires continuous learning. Either being a student, or a teacher or a parent, your success in life is largely hinged on how effective your learning skills are.

How you’re able to pick and process information is required to sustain psychological growth and development.

Many find issues in retaining information not because they’re blockheads either do they have a low mental retaining capacity, but it is largely as a result of how they learned and processed the information.

Tips that will make you learn better:


  1. Become a better listener.

There is a big difference between “hearing and listening”. And listening is a skill that many have long neglected. Rather than blabbing about, listening triples your ability to learn something new.

To cultivate the art of being a good listener, it’s imperative to listen to understand things from the perspective of the speaker rather than listening to give a reply.

Your mind and attention should be focused on the current moment and shouldn’t be allowed to  wander off. Making eye contact with the person speaking can better improve your focus.


2. Take notes

Apart from being a good resource for memory improvement, taking notes also help you stay organised. Thank God for digital technology, you don’t need to carry a book along with you whenever you go. You can simply install a note app such as evernote on your phone or tab.

When you come across something interesting, or an information worth retaining, you can easily take it down. You can always go back through your note at the end of the day and go through all you’ve taken down for that particular day. You’ll be surprised with how much you’ve learnt.

(See this article for a detailed comparison on the best note taking app you can choose from)


3. Break study sessions into chunks.

Every human being is a lifelong student. The day you stop learning is the day you seize to exist. One of such ways to learn is to study effectively and this is where most people find as an hurdle.

Some complain of not remembering what they’ve studied and you wonder why.

The answer is wrapped within their method of studying.

Rather than studying for long stretch of hours, scientists have advised to break those hours into short chunks. For example, rather than studying for 2hours straight, you could break that session into 40mins and take a 10 minute break interval. This way, you give your brain the ability to better assimilate and retain the information you’re pouring in.


4. Take in proper diet

It shouldn’t be surprising that your diet affects how your brain functions and it performs well with a steady supply of glucose. It is highly beneficial to take breakfast before leaving for your duties. A healthy breakfast should  contain a moderate amount of antitoxins and vitamins (especially E and C). And to ensure that your body doesn’t lack any of its nutritional needs, it would be a good idea to take food supplements as well.


5. Visualisation and repetition

I’ve tried this for myself and it worked for me. As an ardent learner, I go through a couple of books daily and it might be sometimes difficulty to retain most information.

To help improve your retaining capacity, visualize what you’re studying and try explaining it to yourself. Consistently go through your materials and become familiar with them.


6. Change your mind-set

70% of the battles we fight in life occurs in our mind. While you might not see this a potential factor, your learning ability is largely dependent on it.

For a start, to learn a new skill, language or subject, you must first picture and see yourself as being able to learn practically anything. It’s important you digest this.

You must imagine yourself as being a good learner/student who has tremendous brain power. While your present reality might contest this, you’re training your brain to better adjust your body to your imagination.

With time you’ll become what you’ve imagined.

In addition, to achieve success in this aspect, your thoughts and your words must work hand in hand and agree. That is to say, speak in consistency with what you’ve imagined. You can’t think of yourself being intelligent and still go about calling yourself a dummy. It won’t work!

Thinking positive and confessing positivity does the absolute trick!

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Aisosa Lebarty

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