6 Ways To Improve Your Mental Power And Become More Intelligent

An intelligent person is one who is considered to having the ability to easily learn or understand things or deal with new or difficult situations. For the purpose of this article, I’d admonish you to debunk any idea of “intelligence” as being the ability to “memorise a bunch of scientific theories and dump on an exam sheet or test”.

The fact someone pulled an “A” in an exam doesn’t necessarily mean they’re intelligent. Anyone can get good grades on a test by simply committing time to study and practise. This has nothing to do with intelligence; It’s just sheer hard work.

Intelligence in a more realistic sense is being able to learn and apply such gained knowledge to confront practical life’s situations and challenges. This single trait is one of the essential prerequisites to attaining significant success in life.

While I may agree with science that a large portion of a person’s intelligence is gotten from genetic makeup and environmental factors, I’d also not resolve this assertion as final. A lot of people were not naturally born intelligent but they were able to turn the tide. An example is Benjamin Carson– who initially at the earliest phase of his education was considered the “dullest” in class but later went on to become one of the best neuroscientists in history! He embarked on surgeries professionals never thought possible.

Even though you might have resolved in your mind that you are unintelligent or outright dumb based on previous test scores and ways you confronted past tasks, there is good news for you… you can improve your intelligence!

Genetics might not have favoured you and your environment may not have played to your advantage. But one thing is certain, you’re very capable to alter or change any situation or circumstance in your life if you desire to. You have the ability to create your reality! It is paramount you embrace this truth.


How to Improve your mental power and become more intelligent


1. Change your mind.

The first step to change or any significant attainment first occurs in the mind. Until you picture it within, it will never materialise outwardly.

If you’ve resolved in your mind that you have the brain of a fish or that you’re dumb or unintelligent, your life will certainly and most definitely flow in that direction. You’ll find yourself making mistakes and errors that ordinarily shouldn’t be made. Your memory will leak garbage!

The first step to becoming more intelligent is to debunk all thoughts that say you aren’t. Even if your reality seems so, refuse to accept it. Changing a negative thought pattern is not accomplished simply by replacing toxic thoughts with positive ones. It requires the complete alteration of your thought cycle.

Your mind is fashioned to magnify anything you repeatedly focus on and this is how our realities are birthed. Anything you continuously brood upon will be accepted as “Truth” to your mind and the law of attraction will see to it that you get exactly what your mind has resolved as Truth.

Therefore, if you’ve accepted any thoughts into your subconscious mind that proclaims you’re not intelligent, it is very important you change this thought cycle by applying the following procedures vehemently.

1. Every morning and just before retiring for the day, repeat the following at least 10-20 times: “I am so glad that my mind is opened to receive and understand new information. My brain is constantly alert and there is nothing too hard for me to learn.”

Paste this affirmation where you can see it and consistently recite it for 21 days.  I’m certain you’ll encounter remarkable progress. This technique will work for anyone even if you’re 17 or 75. Your mind will obey you and your reality will follow suit.

Do not be discouraged when it seems like it isn’t working. Real and long-lasting change calls for perseverance.


2. Read voraciously.

The surest way to improve your mind and become more intelligent is to constantly feed your brain with fresh and new information.

You don’t expect a computer to process information when there is no data. Same way, you can’t expect your brain to produce something when there’s nothing deposited in it. To become more intelligent, you must imbibe a reading culture.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk dedicate a considerable amount of time to reading. Bill Gates revealed he reads at least two books in a week. So not having enough time for your personal development is too poor an excuse to give.

If you’re too pre-occupied, there are various TTS apps (Text-To-Speech) available on Google Play Store that easily converts PDF files into vocal words. Simply type TTS on any app store search query and you’ll find an array of results.

You can also download audiobooks as well. You can simply plug in your earphones and listen while walking, doing some minor tasks or even while on a bus waiting to reach your destination. Constant reading helps to keep your brain young and alert.


3. Get quality sleep.

When it comes to sleep, quantity does not necessarily mean quality. It is possible to sleep 10 hours a day and still wake up feeling miserable and tired. The idea is to get optimum sleep (not maximum) that your body needs to function adequately.

Going long stretch of hours buried in work and burning your eyes out will produce a counterproductive effect. Your brain needs an adequate amount of rest to function at its peak. When you engage in a series of good sleep, you find yourself feeling smarter and sharper.

This will set up the right internal condition needed for your brain to better receive new learnings and deal with practical life issues.


4. Get a private tutor.

This is specifically applicable to individuals who intend to master a skill or undergo a course. People learn in various ways and these methods vary from one person to another.

A very reliable and effective way to learn better and faster is to hire a private tutor. One-on-one coaching does remarkable wonders especially for busy or working students who have a relatively large amount of workload to cover.

This is particularly advantageous as you’re able to set up classes at your convenience. Getting tutors isn’t much of a hassle anymore as websites such as smiletutor help you get a tutor for an affordable price.


5. Cultivate the art of listening.

Intelligent people have one thing in common… they listen! This is because they were smart enough to have figured long ago that you learn a lot more by listening rather than talking.

The way you listen matters as well. Rather than listening to give a reply or telling everyone what you think, instead listen from the perspective of the speaker to better understand the idea he/she is trying to drive.

If you’re a student, focus more on the explanations your lecturer gives in class rather than trying to write down everything verbatim. Take short jots and listen much more. When you review your note, you’ll observe your rate of assimilation tends to be much faster.


6. Mingle with intelligent people.

It is no surprise this is coming up as a factor. Afterall, it is popularly said that you’re the sum total of the five persons you often spend your time with. If this statement is true, (which has often been proven to be), therefore to become more intelligent,  it would be common sense to make friends with people who are intelligent and smart.

Andrew Carnegie was a strong believer in this principle. He constantly surrounded himself with individuals who were smarter and more intelligent than him. This led to making him one of the richest and most influential personalities in his day.

If you want to improve your mind and become more intelligent, it is imperative you make friends with folks who exhibit the traits you desire.

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator, self-improvement coach and founder of Geeflix.

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