8 Secrets to Unveil the Mystery of A Successful Life

Do you like to grow yourself professionally? DO you constantly seek possibilities to improve yourself and become a better person?

If you do then here are some possibilities that you may not be aware of before! All it takes is a little bit of it every day and eventually, you will see a big difference.

Get Off To a Decent Start

You’re probably familiar with Ben Franklin’s old saying “Early to bed, and early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” The saying is actually true. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, wakes up every morning at 5; 30 a.m. It is said that he spends his time reading the newspaper before leaving for office.

CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, begins his day with a workout with his wife, usually consisting of a bike ride. You can include exercise in your morning routine. Not all successful people go to bed early, neither everyone needs 8 hours of beauty sleep. But, it is definite that if you wake up early and eat a good breakfast, you will have much more energy throughout the day to follow the below-mentioned tips.


1. Make a Schedule and Follow It

People who don’t make a schedule are prone to miss important things in life. If you want to become successful in life, you must understand the value of schedule and follow it religiously.


2. How to make a schedule?

The first thing to do when you start making a schedule is to make sure that you understand what is important and what is not. For instance, you might want to add the highest priority tasks at the top of the list and the ones with the lowest priority at last. By writing them down, you can tick off the completed tasks, and the remaining one can be completed the next day or so. This is of great help if you are a procrastinator.


3. Read a lot!

Warren Buffett was once asked about the key to success. He pointed to a stack of books and said “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works.”

He is not alone, here are some successful people who make reading a part of their everyday life. Almost every successful person in his life regardless of his industry in which he got the fame shares the same interest and hobby.

For example, Bill Gates- one of the richest men in the world reads nearly 50 books per year. Mark Cuban one of the most renowned person in America mainly due to ownership of NBA spends his three hours a day in reading different books. Another guy who needs no introduction, Mark Zuckerberg also shown his loves towards reading when he admitted in a public event that he read a book every two weeks throughout 2015.

The reason why they are so affectionate towards reading is because books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more you read, the more you are exposing yourself to wisdom.


4. Learn a New Language

Practicing a new language for 30 minutes a day is a good brain exercise that makes the brain stronger. Acquiring a second language improves the memory and increases the attention. It boosts your creativity and improves your skills in divergent thinking.


5.  Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastination is an easy way that all of us get trapped in, without even realizing that we are doing it. We know that we have to complete the task before the deadline, but still, we end up spending hours upon hours doing “easier” work or escaping via internet, music or Netflix. There is a thing about doing any task; if we think too long about doing it, we often end up by not doing it.


6. Quit Trying To Be Perfect

“The problem is that we don’t celebrate imperfection – perfection is in the eye of the beholder.”

The quest for perfection is exhausting. Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving to be the best, being a perfectionist eventually becomes a fool’s errand because we can never achieve it. When we step into perfectionism we are heading for failure and with that comes despair, obstruction, nervousness, rage and even physical or psychological illness. Perfection is for losers. When you try too hard to be perfect, you bind your creativity.


7. Be Optimistic About Your Future

Being an optimist does not mean that you are out of touch with reality, ignoring hitches and hindrances, and working naively. It means that you expect events and tactics to turn out well, and you look with a smile on the forthcoming.  It is vital to be a sensible optimist, using common sense, not just telling yourself that nothing immoral can ever happen and close your eyes to reality. Doing so can lead to being unreasonable, making little decisions, and letting people ridicule or take benefit of you.


8. Overcome Your Fears

Majority of the people think that they are unsuccessful; at least they have not reached success in the areas that feel important to them. If you want to be successful in life, you need to have faith in yourself and take risks. When people encounter situations where they have fears, all they need to do is educate themselves about the fears and learn to overcome them. If you believe in yourself, then nothing will ever stop you from living a balanced, fearless and joyous life.



Author Bio: The fast she spins the pen in her fingers, the faster she produces impeccable words. Julia Morison is one of those girls who write more than they speak. With covering multiple niches in her blogs, she is also a Harvard citation generator who can cite the academic papers according to different methods. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Editorial Staff

Chief Editorial and publishing team at Geeflix. All ideas and information presented in the article above are solely that of the aforementioned guest contributor. To submit or publish an article CLICK here

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