About Us

Geeflix is a personal development media platform aimed at providing success tips, motivation and unique insights designed to help our readers become the best version of themselves. Our content is targeted to individuals who are particularly interested in self-improvement and all-round success in their career, business and relationships.

Geeflix covers content ranging from self-improvement, business, career advice, relationship tips, spirituality and motivation. Our watchword is positivity and we’re committed to publishing periodicals that are centred on helping our readers accomplish their goals.

Geeflix also provides a one-on-one chat platform called GeeConnect. This is a subset of our website which makes it possible for people to speak with someone who is willing to listen.  We understand that people go through tough seasons where all they need might be someone who understands and identifies with their struggles. We’ve set up a great team of representatives to meet that need. Regardless of the tremendous amount of emails we receive, we’re never too busy to care.

However, our representatives do not tell you what to do. We won’t tell you where to invest your money or whom to marry. Geeflix representatives ONLY serve to provide a listening ear and might occasionally provide you with motivation to get past your hurdles.

For more information, questions or suggestions, send us a mail at [email protected]