How to Get a Job Through LinkedIn- Alumni Group

If you are frustrated searching job boards, sending resumes, and not getting responses from prospective employees, utilizing the LinkedIn platform will be of help to you.

Research have found a 20% growth yearly on the use of LinkedIn to get Jobs and build career.I have personally used Linked  to find leads and get interviews that lead to job offers.

One of the ways to get jobs through LinkedIn is through the “Alumni Group”

How to Get a Job Through LinkedIn- Alumni Group

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How Exactly does The Alumni Group Help ?

The Alumni Connect is a  networking system created  to introduce yourself to college alumni and develop relationships that lead to referrals. This is a short cut approach of getting to have a relationship with potential employer instead of out rightly seeking for a job.

Upload Your Career Profiles.

Make sure you have your curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profile up to date and uploaded to the public.This two things are what gets the attention of potential employers.

please you should avoid.

  • An unprofessional LinkedIn profile picture:
  • A resume that has typographic errors
  • Using a name that isn’t your real name.

How to Get a Job Through LinkedIn- Alumni Group

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Join Your Alumni Group on LinkedIn.

Finding someone to employ you in your alumni group is very easy,Because you can easily build a relationship with them. Its always either that you know them personally or they know someone you know

This is a step to step direction on how to find and join your alumni group.

  • Go to the search setting found in the upper right hand corner of your home page to Groups
  • Enter the name of the college you attended and your alumni group should show up in the search results
  • Select the group
  • Click “Join Group”

An email confirmation will be sent to you confirming your membership to the group; once you receive that message you will be ready to network!

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 Write Your  Introduction Letter.

An engaging message is your first – and perhaps only – first impression! For consistency and simplicity reasons, consider customizing the message below:

Subject: Hello! A Fellow Alumni trying to connect.

Dear person,

I  am graduate of  name of institution in Year Graduated with a degree in Your Degree. I see that you work in Industry and was wondering if you would be willing chat on the phone, at your convenience of course.

I would love to hear more about what you do and any insights or advice you might have on wanting to work in the industry.

Any help would be extremely appreciated!


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Getting a job through networking online is become much easier and better. I, have used this methods to get several jobs and i assure you of success.

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