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inspiring elon musk lessons

8 Exceptional Lessons From Elon Musk That Will Inspire You

13th May 2018

Elon Musk is an engineer, business magnate, founder and CEO of multiple successful companies. He is the founder of SpaceX, co-founder and CEO of Tesla- companies which are currently redefining the way we live and are championing a revolution of a brighter future. He is a South-African born investor and seen as one of the […]

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let go of the past

Letting Go: How To Make Peace With Your Past

19th March 2018

Many times in life, we get frustrated in the race of life not because we truly want to give up, but as a result of the mistakes of our past. We get too worried and constantly regret what we did wrong in the past, what’s others did to us, or opportunities we’ve missed. Amidst the constant self-torture and regrets, […]

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lessons from william shakespeare

5 Lessons From William Shakespeare That Will Inspire You

22nd December 2017

Williams Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational playwrights the world has ever seen. His poetic words and writings cut through time and space and continue to inspire generations after him. It’s been over 400 years since his demise but yet his plays, sonnets and quotes hold valuable wisdom that is still very applicable […]

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deal with procrastination

Prolong No More: 6 Strategies To Help Deal With Procrastination

12th December 2017

Why are you reading this article? It is a fact universally acknowledged, that most people who ‘google’ articles on self-development and the likes are usually not the real people with the problem. Most often than not, we read such articles in order to help a friend or family member overcome their deficiencies in character; and […]

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Do It Or Don’t: A Wake up Call To Fight For Your Dreams

5th December 2017

More often than not, everyone dreams. Nobody wants to continue being the same, unchanging or remain stagnant. To dream, however, is actually very easy. I can close my eyes any time of the day and envision myself being a man of substance, a successful change-maker. I can close my eyes and daydream of being the […]

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journey success sacrifices

Journey To Success: 6 Sacrifices you Must Be Willing To Make

20th November 2017

To have a successful and self-fulfilling life, there are sacrifices one must be willing and ready to make. The journey isn’t as daunting as it’s perceived to be, but it’s definitely not a smooth ride. Life doesn’t offer anything good on a platter of gold. Even though the media is filled with sugar-coated stories of […]

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turn failure into success

6 Practical Steps To Turn Failure Into Massive Success

27th September 2017

Mistakes and failures do not equal defeat as most are deceived to believe. Your mistakes are signs that you’ve tried and made an attempt at something rather than sitting passively and waiting for things to happen. By trying and failing, you’ve set yourself apart from many others who are even too scared to try. A […]

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5 Tips That Will Help You Step Out From Being Average

29th August 2017

While average might sound cool to most people, life offer so much more if we’d step out from our cradle and dare to stand out. The world idolises being normal and any attempt to step out from this concept is harshly followed by criticism and the tendency of being ostracised. Following the status quo and […]

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obstacles to success

4 Greatest Obstacles To Success And How To Tackle Them

27th August 2017

While people are busy finding the keys to success, they neglect the possibility of they harbouring traits that hinders them from finding or even coming close to it. This is particularly true for people who have been pushing hard enough but things seem not to be amounting to anything productive. It might not just be […]

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How To Keep Going Even When You Feel Like Quitting

25th August 2017

Most people do not know how close they were to actualising their goals just right before they quit. This is such because life sometimes doesn’t show signs of progress. All you’ve got in most case is to hope and believe. It can be very frustrating when it appears you aren’t making any significant progress after […]

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