How To Keep Going Even When You Feel Like Quitting

25th August 2017

Most people do not know how close they were to actualising their goals just right before they quit. This is such because life sometimes doesn’t show signs of progress. All you’ve got in most case is to hope and believe. It can be very frustrating when it appears you aren’t making any significant progress after […]

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standout at work

5 Proven Tips That Will Make You Standout At Work

14th August 2017

To standout at work or from the pack of others at your job doesn’t necessarily require you to be the most talented or the one who seems to get the most work done. There are simple traits you can pick up and harness that can make you become one who gets to share most of […]

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5 Key Traits That Distinguishes Successful People From Others

8th August 2017

Everyone would love to be successful.. If it were easy, everyone would be. But the fact is, Success doesn’t just happen by mistake neither is  it something that eventually materializes from long hours of sleep and pleasure. Success like an habit can be harnessed and cultivated by consistently following simple essential tips that many have long […]

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productivity at work

Want To Improve Your Work Productivity? These 5 Tips Will Help You

5th August 2017

Do you want to improve your business, customer relationship, sales and increase your opportunities of getting that promotion at work? Then your chances of achieving this without improving your productivity are slim and nearly impossible. Productivity reflects your efficiency in managing time and scarce resources . I tend to contextualize it as being able to […]

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