How To Develop A Strong Personality That Inspires Respect (8 Major Steps)

A strong personality which commands respect and attention is one that easily never goes unnoticed. The aura that exudes from some individuals which seem to captivate the attention of the entire room is an attribute which can be learned and cultivated. The journey from low self-esteem to developing a personality that is contagious could seem like a daunting task to be with, but with simple and well calculated steps and alternations, you can easily pull this transformation without having to “fake it”.

Your success in business and any other facet of life is highly hinged on the kind of  personality you build today. A weak personality will ultimately produce demeaning results and obscure your chances of a better fulfilling life.

The task to building a strong and influential personality is a journey you must take if you desire to attain significant success in life. These tips will help get you started.

1 . Kill the negative:strong personal

A mind occupied with negative and weak thoughts will birth a personality of like manner. Your life will definitely reflect the constitution of your dominant thoughts and this is just as true as to every natural law.

To develop a strong personality, you must learn to look away from the image of your present circumstance and see yourself in the reflection of who you aspire to be. Never embrace In your thoughts what you wouldn’t want to see in your reality.

The mind can’t tell the difference between a real or a fake event, it only believes the large chunk of what you feed it. When you center on more uplifting and positive thoughts, your mind is charged to condition your body into a state that best equip you to appropriate the picture you’ve painted within.

2 . Know thyself:

Embracing your character and fully defining your strengths and weakness will go a long way to better equip you on the journey to building a strong personality. You must know yourself better than anyone and be comfortable in owning up to your flaws and inadequacies.  When you’ve fully identified your weakness and imperfections, the world won’t be able to use it against you and this could serve as a good reservoir to draw strength and break the chains of pretense.

Nothing commands more attention than living life completely engrossed in the responsibility of simply being YOU. This might be easily said but isn’t quite as easily done especially in a social media generation like ours, governed with plastic images and fake lifestyle all to impress people who do not really care.

Take out point: Develop your personality by embracing your uniqueness, build on your strengths and modifying your weakness

3.Set your priorities

“An unexamined life is not worth living”

The world would give way for a man who has a direction that pilots the course of his life. Be deliberate in your actions and be very cautious on how you spend your time. Time lost can never be gotten back so be careful on what and how you invest it.

People tend to respect and value the company of those who seem to have a direction for their life. Do not just accept anything to gain access to you, be specific on what you approve and disapprove.

4 . Expand your cycle:personality

Building a strong personality goes along with improving self-confidence. The best way to neutralise low self-esteem is to be around people and learn to get comfortable with it.

While there’s nothing wrong in being an introvert, yet one must create considerable amount of time to mingle and observe


humanity.Go to random places and strike a conversation without random folks. Speak with them, learn what they’ve got to share and always take note of small details by giving your rapt attention.

Do not be the one who is known to form a clique and never breaks from his circle, be opened to entertain various kind of people and treat them alike ( the way you would want to be treated), this is a sure way to build alliances and grow your influence.

5 .Wear a cheerful demeanor:personality

Nothing is more contagious than a captivity smile. People are much more attracted to an environment that breeds happiness and joy. To better build a strong personality, desist from being grumpy and avoid carrying a sad looking face. While you can’t obviously be cheerful all the time, you can try at least to be as often as possible.

A cheerful look sends a signal that you’re receptive and approachable. This will in turn create an avenue for people to be better attracted to you.

6 . Master your actions, tame your tongue.

“A man who controls his temper is better than one who takes a city”. – king Solomon (proverbs 16:32).

You can determine the size of a man by the extent to which he flares  and how quick he is apt to speak.

Always take second thought of your actions and do not be eager to give a reply. Be more interested in listening to people and try to understand things from  their view point. A man’s loyalty is half sold to anyone who would genuinely listen to him. Become the one who listens rather than the one who rattles.


7 .Body language is paramount, develop it.personality

Your footsteps, eye contact, posture etc. are tectonic in building a strong personality.

Avoid humping your back and lowering your shoulders. Walk with confidence with your chest pushing out and your shoulders fully squared. Try to maintain eye contact while speaking to people and avoid having your arms crossed.

Your body language sells more information about you than you’d want. Learn to use this to your advantage.


8 . Improve your dress sense.

Your dressing speaks a lot about your personality and the list won’t be complete without hammering on this point.You don’t have to spend much on clothes neither should you consider doing so.Wear something you’re comfortable with and having the right colour blend. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, ensure its clean, comfortable with your taste and has a good fit.

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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