Improve Your Focus: 7 Tips To Gain Control Over Your Mind

The mind is an extremely powerful tool that possesses within its modus operandi, the exceptional ability to either create for you a life of success or a life of failure. Both of which are highly dependent on how well you’ve trained and cultured your mind to work for you.

Your mind can’t tell the difference between a real or a fake event. It only believes the large chunk of what you feed it. As the folks in the computer world would always say, “garbage in, garbage out”.

You’ve probably had that experience where it seems your brain is going to explode! Unwanted thoughts popping in from nowhere and most often, they seem not to leave. Now, this isn’t a problem. It only becomes an issue when you incessantly allow these thoughts to linger in your head.

While you may not be able to control what comes into your mind, you can control what stays or leaves. You’re not powerless in this regard, you only need the right training which I’ll put you through in this post.

Before we delve into the most practical tips on how to gain control over your mind, let’s talk a brief about why you need a sound mind after all.

  • A sound mind is a necessary prerequisite for success at any level. Read all the inspirational books in the world that claims to contain information about the “keys to success“. There are none of these books (most of which are written by successful authors in various fields of endeavours) that won’t remotely make reference to the MIND as the MOST dominating factor of success. You need to gain control over your brain and have a sound mind if you aspire to attain significant success in your career, work or any other endeavour.
  • A sound mind is needed for making effective and smart decisions. It is usually advised not to make hasty decisions when you’re angry or too excited. This is because, in such states, your mind isn’t in an equilibrium balance. To regularly make smart decisions, you must learn to culture your mind not to act on impulses or wimps.
  • A sound mind is needed for academic excellence and business success. You need a sound mind to achieve good grades at school as well as close deals on important contracts in the business sphere. Your brain needs to be alert while studying as well as when negotiating.
  • A sound mind is needed for a fruitful relationship and an overall happy life. An unsound mind can’t breed a happy life. Every situation you’re currently in right now is as a result of a decision. And where do decisions originate from? Yeah, you got it right… THE MIND!

Now that we’ve established why you can’t afford to let your mind loose and roam freely without control,  we can go into the reason you clicked this post in the first place.


How to gain control over your mind.


1 . Practise meditation

Meditation is undoubtedly one of the best natural ways to improve mindfulness and concentration. It gives your body and entire system the opportunity to relax and reboot.

The world is constantly moving at a very busy pace and most often, we are trapped in that endless cycle of unending activities. This, as a result, saps our energy and causes our mind to fall into stress.

Taking some minutes of the day for silent reflection and meditation will give your mind and body the needed rejuvenation it needs for improved focus and concentration to needed perform at an optimal level.


2 . Go low on alcohol and caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant drug that exhibits both positive and negative effect on the brain. Excessive alcohol, on the other hand, has its own special qualities of damage that would be inexhaustible if we were to delve fully into it in this article.

While caffeine may necessarily not pose a serious threat, quite the contrary several studies have shown that caffeine has certain properties that boost brain memory, improve physical alertness and serves as one of the best athletic enhancers out there.

However, one prominent negative effect of caffeine is the fact that just like things done or taken excessively, it can get you hooked! When it does, going a day without it makes you feel tired and less attentive.

While you shouldn’t ultimately give off coffee, applying a bit of moderation is doing yourself a long lasting favour


3 . Get proper sleep and rest

For most people (especially students) the night hours are their peak hours. However,

your mind cannot adequately function in its optimum state without proper rest and you’ll be doing yourself some level of harm if you do not treat sleep seriously.

While you might not be able to hit the “8hours” benchmark, getting quality rest is a requisite for an effective mind. You cannot have an effective life without an effective mind.


4 . Partake in regular breathing exercise.

Practising regular breathing exercise is particularly very effective if you battle with over thinking and worrying. This exercise helps stabilizes your nerves and reduces stress.

Take out 5-15mins and practise long and deep breathing exercise. This will help your body release 70% of its toxins, detoxify and reduce tension.

To gain control over your mind, regular meditation and breathing exercise boost clarity by increasing the oxygen transported to the body which results to increased energy levels, strengthened lungs and muscles, as well as reducing anxiety levels.


5 . Practise Positive thinking.

Negative thoughts have been proven to have toxic effects on the human brain. This is largely due to the fact that persistent negative thinking saps out your energy levels and would often lead to depression.

Consistently accepting negative thoughts will eventually form a chain of pattern in your brain. The effect of this, however, is sadness, demotivation, grumpiness and reduction of mental energy.

You might not be able to control what flies into your mind but you certainly have control over what you allow to dominate your thoughts. The best way to overcome a habit is to replace it with another habit. Choose to think positive and wholesome thoughts.

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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