Why You Get Opposite Of What You Pray For (The Law Of Reversed Efforts)

The universe is governed by natural laws and principles that are bound to operate either you’re aware of them or not. Nothing is left to chance; every action (or inaction) will produce an outcome.

Just like the law of gravity or that of electricity, their mode of operation is bound to be activated the moment it is triggered. Even if you’re a sceptic and do not believe in the principles of electricity, you won’t be exempted from being electrocuted if you touch a live wire without the appropriate safety measures. This can be said to be true of all natural laws.


Life isn’t governed by fate.

Most people believe their lives are sometimes governed by fate or luck. There is nothing that could further be from the truth. There is an explanation and reason behind all your circumstance. You’re currently where you are because of practical actions (or inactions) that you’ve taken over time. Nothing EVER happens by sheer chance neither is anything left to fate.

There are a lot of people who often find themselves on the opposite side of good fortune. They struggle through life and never seem to get what they want. Most of these people are hard workers but never seem to make enough money to foot their bills. They are diligent employees but never seem to get the raise or promotion they pray for.

Such situations aren’t mystical and there is a logical and realistic explanation of why such things happen. These people have simply tapped into a universal principle that is as old as time itself- The law of reversed efforts


Why your prayers don’t get answered

The law of reversed efforts states that when your desires and imagination are in conflict, your imagination invariably gains the day.

If, for example, you were asked to walk a plank on the floor, you would do so without question. Now suppose the same plank was placed twenty feet up in the air between the two walls, you probably wouldn’t consider walking through. Your desire to walk would be conquered by your imagination of falling. Your desire or effort to walk the plank would be reversed, and the dominant idea of failure would be reinforced.

This law of reversed efforts is said to be active in the lives of people who pray and hope for a positive change but end up getting the opposite of their desires. This can be said to be true for people who pray for more money and work so hard for it but still live below their means.

Also, most students prepare so hard for an exam but forget all they’ve read while in the hall. The moment they leave the exam hall, the information they earlier forgot miraculously comes back to them in vivid details.

The above scenarios have individuals who have conflicted their desires with their imagination. Most people do not have enough money not because they’re lazy, but because they have a poverty mentality. Their thoughts and imaginations wreak of lack. You usually hear from the lips of such folks “I can’t afford that”, “I don’t have enough money”, “the economy is hard”, “most rich people are looters”. Now, the mind can’t tell the difference between a real or a fake event. It produces your reality based on what you’ve accepted as “true”.

The mind (which houses your imagination) is the most powerful entity in nature. It has the ability to create your reality based on the dominant thoughts you impress on it. Ever noticed people who form strong cliques and hang out often usually share similar hobbies, interests and ultimately think alike? How did they get to know each other? What situations led to their encounter? I repeat, nothing happens by chance! Your mind has the ability to attract people who share the same life’s philosophies as you!


Why you get opposite of what you pray for

The reason people get the opposite of what they want is that their imagination doesn’t align with their desires. They pray for more finances but still think of themselves as being poor. The surest way to get what you desire is to imagine you already have it.

if you’re a secretary and have a desire to become a manager of the corporation, begin to practise daily the art of imagining yourself as a manager. Paint the mental picture in your mind and hold it. Your mind will begin to set up the right circumstance and attract you to the right people that will help you fulfil your desires.

The same is true for relationships. Have a mental picture of the kind of person you want to date or get married to. Your subconscious mind will attract them to you. That’s the reason most ladies who claim “all men are the same (players)” always seem to fall in love with someone who eventually breaks their hearts. The mind simply processes what you’ve accepted as truth and create your reality in that regard.


Change your thoughts and you change your life

The lives of most people tend to move towards the opposite direction due to the unhealthy negative thoughts pattern they’ve created in their minds. Remember, your mind can’t differentiate between a real or fake event, neither does it know when you’re joking.

If you constantly say “I’m so sick and tired…..” , your mind will move heaven and earth to ensure you ultimately become sick and tired. The best way to overcome negative thought patterns is to replace them with positive thoughts.


Two practical ways to overcome negative thought patterns.

1 . Positive Affirmations.

Avoid using negative and contradictory words. Whatever you consistently say will get imprinted in your subconscious mind and your life will go in the direction of that light. practise speaking life and positivity and watch your life soar.


2. Positive imaginations.

While you may not be able to completely eradicate negative and strength-draining thoughts from coming into your mind, you can replace them with positive ones. Just like changing/forming a new habit, it takes time and tenacity. Practise positive meditation daily and it will gradually become a part of you.

Using the above recommendations will drastically change your life. Learn to speak and think what you hope your reality to be and your subconscious mind will bring it to pass.


Further study: Read the book “Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy

This book is highly recommended for individuals who intend to grasp a better understanding of the workings and operations of the mind and to unlock more insights on the principle shared in this article. 

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

4 thoughts on “Why You Get Opposite Of What You Pray For (The Law Of Reversed Efforts)

  • 25th January 2018 at 12:20 am

    The law of attraction! Amazing article

  • 3rd January 2019 at 7:04 pm

    Imagine I am rich & successful and I will be. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s like playing pretend when we were children. I have never prayed for something & had faith that it has already happened that actually did happen.
    Learn the difference between Prayer, hope & faith and reality.

  • 10th January 2019 at 12:04 am

    Hello there.
    The principles shared above are based on proven research. As suggested in the article, read the book to get more insight.

    Imagining yourself successful without corroborating it with the necessary work is just playing dumb. Your imaginations will often propel your desire to make an effort to accomplish what you’ve imagined.

    I’ve never heard of a prayer backed by faith that didn’t produce results. The thing is, a lot of people aren’t patient enough.

  • 23rd January 2019 at 2:00 pm

    “The surest way to get what you desire is to imagine you already have it.” This is nothing. Opposite will always happen. Thinking a good things will always give new the opposite. Think bad to others and a bad thing will happen to you. Think good things to others and bad things will happen to you. Think nothing to others and noting will happen to you. Think good and desire what is good for you, you will not get it and you will see others on the shoes you want. Silly world.

    God exists? Dont think so.


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