How to Build a Successful Career- Top Skills

How to Build a Successful Career- Top Skills – Congratulations , years of hard-work, late nights and early mornings has finally paid off. Now, it’s time to put your results to use. you are about to live the career life.

Succeeding in your academics is no different from succeeding in your careers, just as passing excellently in school comes with hacks that help get that A, so does building a career.

Here are important hacks that provide you a level ground to run this new career phase of your life.

How to Build a Successful Career- Top Skills

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Professionalism/Work Ethic:

Yes! every career has its ethics and professional standards, These are set of rules and instruction that members of such professional bodies need to adhere to. You must have come across them while still in school but  i’ll advice you to get theses rules and study them again. Also approach a senior in your career for practical tutoring.

Oral/Written Communications: 

How to Build a Successful Career ? Another skill You need to enhance  is your oral and written mode of communications, there are terminologies that are peculiar to your field of work, make sure you adopt them when talking to your colleagues, it makes  more serious and professional. however ill advice the use lay terms when talking to people that are not in the same profession as you are.

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Critical Thinking: 

Disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence is all you need to be able to solve problems, know that solving problems is 99% growth in your career path.

How to Build a Successful Career- Top Skills


Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a team to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. As an independent individual you will be required most times to work with other individuals in other to achieve a common goal. Therefore it is important that you learn the rudiment of working as teams. it is one of the best tips you need on How to Build a Successful Career.

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Leadership is the process of determining goals for the team and finding a way for the team to meet those goals. Leadership involves finding ways to motivate team members or employees to reach their goals. Be rest assured that as you grow in your career you will be faced with so many leadership roles that you need to overcome.

Digital Technology: 

This is one of the approaches on How to Build a Successful Career. Digital platforms are recasting the relationships between customers, workers, and employers.Not only do white-collar jobs require digital literacy in the use of media to present, record and analyze data, but so do blue-collar jobs who are looking for way to increase productivity and analyze market trends, along with increase job safety.
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As you prepare to enter the workforce, make it your goal to step up your skills and prove to employers you have the competencies required to succeed in their organization!

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