How to Grow spiritually – Experience High Spiritual Growth

Do you want to grow spiritually? then this is for you to digest. Spiritual strength does not come passively. A lot of activeness is involved in knowing how to grow your spirituality.Whether you’ve been stuck, you’re feeling depressed, you’re are feeling lost,you’re feeling apathetic, or you’re simply seeking growth in the spiritual domain, here are tips ways on how to grow your spirituality.

how to grow spiritually

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1. Know what spirituality is

First, we need to get clear on what we mean by spirituality. Spirituality isn’t about following a particular religion – although practicing a religion can help deepen your spirituality. spirituality is the growth of a person as a whole. Deepening your spirituality is about improving the health of your spirit. It’s about getting in touch with your soul, appreciating the energy that flows through you, and learning to become more inspired and aware of how your actions affect everything around you. But spirituality also means different things for different people, and a lot of that definition is intuitive. So first, you need to figure out why you want to know how to grow your spirituality.

2. Take care of yourself

Do you know your physical state has a lot to do with your spirituality? yes!!! Keeping your body in tip-top shape means you’re able to focus on your thoughts instead of how tired you are. Plus, the discipline you use to keep your body healthy will speed up your spiritual journey. So eat well, sleep enough, look better and exercise more .

3. Teach yourself

When it comes to your spiritual journey, educating yourself is a two-fold process. You certainly want to learn more about whatever particular spiritual method you’re focusing on, whether it’s a religion or a type of meditation. However, it’s also important to educate yourself about other methods of spirituality. By confronting ideas you might not believe in, you’ll deepen your understanding of your own spirituality – plus, you’ll be able to keep an open mind and appreciate the diversity of thought understand. Not sure where to start? Why not read any revered text in any method you are using

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4. Link up

There’s a reason nearly every religion has some place where its believers can gather. A community of like-minded people can help you stay on track by providing guidance, other people who are struggling with the same things you are, and mentors. Your community doesn’t have to necessarily be a religious one – it could be a self-help group, a meditation center or even an online discussion forum. There are also several secular groups that often meet to discuss spiritually. Want to dive deep? Consider a retreat to help you jump start the process.

grow spiritually

5. Make time for quiet recharging

A lot of being spiritual is about being in tune with yourself – without all the distractions of every day life. That’s why it’s so important to take 10 – 15 minutes to recharge every day. For many people, these minutes are dedicated to praying to a higher power. But they don’t have to be! Other possibilities include reflection, meditation, writing a dairy, yoga, or merely eating more mindfully.

6. Be patient to yourself

Becoming more spiritual is a lifelong process that’s full of challenges. You’ll struggle, doubt yourself, and be skeptical of some of the ideas you come across. Perhaps that’s what you’re doing now! It’s important to remember that all of these things are natural and you shouldn’t blame yourself for them. You’re not a bad person because you struggle with spirituality – everybody does. So be kind to yourself.

how do i grow spiritually

7. Show positive emotions to people

By helping others feel good, you’ll also feel good – it’s an emotion that can’t be beat. While monetary donations are great, they don’t affect your spiritual development. You can get the most benefits with volunteering your time or services, or perform a random act of kindness

8. Get outside

Communing with nature is an oft-cited spiritual practice for a reason – it works.Spending time in nature will help you feel more connected to the rest of the world, which is key to spirituality. So get off social media and take a walk through the park, making time to simply just be.

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9. Forgive and be thankful

Being spiritual means you’re happy, hopeful and optimistic about the world. But you can’t feel that way if you’re harboring intense negativity towards someone or something. Make an effort to forgive people for the wrond they have done to you, no matter how big or small. It’s also crucial to forgive yourself for your own faults – you don’t have to be perfect to be a spiritual person. Finally, practice an attitude of gratitude. Finding things to be grateful for every day instead of blaming yourself

grow spiritually

10. Practice and commit

As we said earlier, becoming more spiritual is a life-long process that involves a lot of challenges. It requires a lot of work. But by making that commitment and putting in the effort, It won’t be easy. But it will be worth it.

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I hope this article helps you on how grow your spirituality. Use the comment box for questions and feed backs.

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