How To Identify Your Skills

 You might really be concerned on how to identify your skill.                                      Are you asking your if u have a skill?’ ’if what you are doing is it right for you ?’ This kind of thoughts will run  through you mind regardless of your  status,age and sex.

If this is you. It’s time for you to take action. You need to find out if this is really you. It may look difficult, but its achievable. Think about it logically and you’ll find out that the more you shy away from it. The longer you’ll be stuck in the same thought and confusion about your skill and  where you should be doing in life.

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Here are some Tips on How To Identify your Skill.

how to identify your talent.

Step 1: Remember all your dreams

The first thing you need to do to know how to identify your skill is to try to reminisce on everything you have ever wanted to do. you have  to cast your mind back to your childhood and adulthood.

Step 2: Understand the meaning of ’to have’ and ’to be’

As you have remembered your dream you need to separate them into two; to have list and to be

’To have’ dreams: here it include you possessing something you don’t have right now.

’To be’ dreams: those which involve you having new duties in life.

Now write out the ’to be’ dreams separately, that what we’re going to work on.

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Step 3: What brings out  the best in you ?

can you recall if you ever felt admiration when you see someone else fulfilling a particular role in life? have you ever wished being like them?  you write it down.

Step 4: What are your hobbies ?

 Also in order to know how to identify your skill, you should write down any activities or hobbies which you loved doing in the past and even presently. What did you love doing as a child, or a teenager, and as an adult?

Step 5: Get rid of bad energy

You have to imagine yourself doing those things you love. Dare to dream very big. You have stay away from anything that places doubt in your heart.

Step 6: Set out your priorities

you have to cancel  all those ’to be’ dreams which you gave the lowest evaluation to in the previous step. These are dreams which you can afford to give up on right now. You no longer long for them like you did in the past.

Step 7: Group things together

So, now you have a list of your real,  goals for life. At the moment they’re all jumbled together in a list. Look at the list carefully. You have to group your dreams in classes you should group the once that are very similar together

Step 10: Search for an outlet for your talents

You need to make steps to all possibilities that can help you acquire your dreams. What area of professional or your personal life are we talking about here? Can you cope with all the kind of activities involved ?

how to know your skills

Step 11: Define your life’s purpose

 You should know now that what matters to you is pursing what concerns you. If you can get there, you can be certain that the achievement of this dream will bring you real happiness in life.

Of course, when you know where your true talents lie and you have the opportunity to find them, you’ll feel more confident and enthusiastic about achieving your goals.

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