How to Maintain Focus – Best tips

Learning how to maintain focus has become very difficult today because of the multiplicity of distractions ranging from instagram, youtube videos to very addictive games and musics available to us.

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The reason to focus has however not gone extinct and varies from meeting up a submission deadline or reading for an exam etc.

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This article will guide you through on how to  maintain focus be mentally alert and attentive.

How to Maintain Focus

Organize your thoughts .

The first step on how to maintain focus is to Arrange your activities. You may be facing a deadline however recollections of your unwashed clothes /unwashed plates/ unclean house. will reduce your focusing ability . Before you focus on work make a list of everything you need to do and organize them so you that when you attempt to focus you wouldn’t feel like you are forgetting anything.

Do not multitask.

One of the best approach on how to maintain focus is doing One task at a any given moment. Performing various tasks at a time causes a situation of lack of concentration causing you to achieve very little and commit a larger number of errors as against a completely focused mind.

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Eliminate distraction.

 If you check  your phone constantly while on a task your brain will tend to process them as long term memories, Close down your emails and your face book page and put your phone on silent before focusing on a project. If your environment will tend to distract you then change locations.

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Build your willpower.

Voluntary attention and willpower works hand in hand and are one the best approaches on how to maintain focus. Our willpower allows us to deliberately ignore distractions while staying focused on the task at hand. exercising your will power is an important skill to helping you retain focus


Not only does meditation helps you become  cool, relaxed, and organised , research has also proven that  meditation can boost your level of focus and attention and help you on how to maintain focus.

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Exercise regularly.

Exercise (your body). Doing exercise benefits the brain. studies has proven that scholars who engaged in  physical exercise before stepping through an exam performed better compared to scholars who didn’t work out. the control it takes to push through the torment of an exercise fortifies a similar supply of determination that we use to overlook the tingle of diversions so as to continue focusing on work.

Give yourself a goal.

If you are tired and almost giving up on a task just tell your self five more pages, three more minutes etc  you can build focus by pushing past the point of tiredness and depletion.Just as athletes build physical stamina by pushing past the point of exhaustion.

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Give your self a break.

Remember the law of diminishing return, do not over work your self, when you finish a task give yourself a break before starting another one, take a look at who liked your pictures on face book, call a loved one, sleep or step out a little for fresh air. just give yourself a break. it will help you retain alertness when you need to focus again.

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Gaining control of your mind and being alert is very achievable. it will help you toggle through the tasks of the day easily and productive. we hope reading this article will help you learn how to maintain focus when carry out that important task.

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