How to run your own Business while still Employed – Successful Tips

Are you looking to start your own business? Do you not know how to run your own business while still employed to a firm? Resigning from your employment may be a disaster because it currently caters for your basic needs. You may also still be interested to build a career in your current employment and also have a business on the side, there is nothing wrong with that and we will help you with tips on how to run your business why still employed.

can i start my own buisness while working

The basic thing you have to know before you start a business  is the need to have a concept or product. you must also set a goal you intend achieving with your unique idea and product. your goal should be truly attainable and be able to serve usefulness to your targeted populace.

business goals

If you have a goal, then these are how to run your own business while still employed.

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Seek for legal advice from an expert. 

Approach a lawyer to help you re-read your employment terms and agreement. if your employment terms allows you to do other things on the side then you are good but if your employment terms disallows you then you may with the help and advice of your lawyer approach your employer in order to re-agree on the terms. You may have signed a non-compete . especially if you intend running the same business with your employer. You are also expected to reach a non-conflict of interest agreement. Know that being completely transparent with your boss and supervisor on your intentions is the best thing to do, they could become very strong support.

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 Become time conscious! 

You need to find a way to divide your employment and your new business.Time is your most valuable asset. Keeping a day job combined with other activities is already so hard enough now you have a new business which you need to nurture with the little time available.Now you should be able to draw up a scale of priority. You need to give more time to your employment and to your business.

how to combine your business with your work

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Test your Product or Service.

If you have a product, you need to validate it. verifying your product can be an in-depth process, and is very dependent on your market. It boils down to, will anyone buy your product and why? Not verifying or validating your products will kill your business so early.

Cut your expenses.

Stop spending funds unwisely. cutting your expenses will help you save up and assist you to achieve your ultimate goal faster.You have to reduce the weekend buzz, unnecessary subscriptions and commitments .

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Delegate some part of the management.

Once your business does start to grow, you will need help. There are only so many hours in a day and not even the best jack-of-all-trades can do everything. Whether it be graphic design, social media, or customer service, identify areas of weakness, or items you simple do not have enough time to do. You have to get more hands to help you. However make sure that your outsource do not weigh on your budget

Discipline and commitment.

Personal commitment and discipline is extremely important to remain motivated when you feel discouraged. Many times, this is what makes the difference between people who achieve their goals and people who stay in their comfort zones and never grow. Commitment is taking ownership and responsibility.


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we hope this article gave you enough insights on how to run your own business while still being employed. Good luck !! For questions and feed backs use the comment box


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