How to Stop Making Excuses – Tested Tips

we often find ourselves giving silly excuses when in fact there are a lot on our table to accomplish, we make ourselves comfortable by giving excuses for our laziness and in- action. Making excuses is an awful character and we should try to do away with it.



“I can not”

” I am tired”

” It is too difficult”tips on how to avoid excuses

We can all remember times when we actually put procrastination aside and did the work required of us before deadline. remember how satisfying and mentally rewarding it was ? Then try to remember how bad it was when we gave excuses and could barely meet up with deadline? it becomes mentally exhausting and tiring.

He that is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else.

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This is how  to stop making excuses lies has two steps:

  • Organizing your priorities.
  • Breaking large, uncomfortable steps into manageable pieces.

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Setting out Your Priorities.

What’s on the top of your list right now ? Reading a book ? finishing a paper work ? improving your talents ? Excuse making comes when our priorities are not set. When there is no set out plan for what you want, you find yourself moving with whatever goes, giving excuses and under achieving.

You can solve these problem by having what your priorities are. The purpose aid you identify what you really want. If you have to decide between working on a school project or going to a party, you need to look at your priorities. Which ranks higher? Academic success or a Social life ?

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With priorities it’s important to define your top wants  and your least want. Your top wants requires adequate attention and dedication, although this doesn’t mean that your least want should be looked over but it should be supplementary and focused on when your top wants has been taken care of.

Splitting your priorities into a single major focus and several minor focuses makes it far harder to put out excuses. Whenever a conflict arises where I would normally offer an excuse, I can simply think of my priorities. When priorities are clear, it is difficult to justify departing from them.

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avoiding procrastination

Taking Action.

Mixed-up priorities are only a part of excuse-making. Unwillingness to actually take action is also another reason. Success in almost any effort requires taking a bold step regardless of  risks and  failure. Becoming a great business man requires facing the risk of marketing a product that nobody wants or loosing a whole lot of money. when there are no set priorities You find easier tasks to do and excuse your laziness. The solution here is to get a particular item on your priority list that you need to accomplish, write out the steps you need to accomplish these task. and make sure you develop the will power to actually accomplish those tasks.

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The next time you catch yourself making an excuse, ask yourself? Does this fit within my priorities? If it doesn’t and you still find yourself making excuses ask yourself if there is any way you could push yourself through the next step.

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