Want To Improve Your Work Productivity? These 5 Tips Will Help You

Do you want to improve your business, customer relationship, sales and increase your opportunities of getting that promotion at work? Then your chances of achieving this without improving your productivity are slim and nearly impossible.

Productivity reflects your efficiency in managing time and scarce resources . I tend to contextualize it as being able to produce more for less. Never mistake being busy as being productive. You can be very well busy and still not producing anything significant. Productivity isn’t measured by the number of long hours you work, but by how much you’re able to get done in those hours of work.  As a matter of fact the more productive you are, the more time you’ll have for yourself.

Improving and maximizing your productivity should be a regular routine “experiment”, learn to identify what works for you and what doesn’t and find your rhythm.

Below are some tips that will improve your work productivity.


  1. Rise up on time

A person who gets up by 7Am will definitely not be as productive as someone who gets up by 5am. The earlier you rise from bed means you’ve got more time to plan and reflect your day. If you’re a late riser and find it difficult in obeying your alarm,  practise setting your alarm 2 hours than your conventional waking time and do this for 3 weeks straight.

Place your alarm far away from you where you’ll be unable to get to it in order to prevent being tempted to put off while you aren’t ready to get up. It may be difficult at the beginning but it isn’t impossible, with time you’ll adapt to it and you’ll notice as tremendous boost in your work performance.

2. Plan your day before going to bed

You got back from work late in the night and you’re famished and sleep seems to be the only convenient  thing to do at the moment. It may be necessarily but isn’t a good idea. Do what is important rather than convenient.

Before setting up for sleep, make out a “Task Plan” that contains a written list of what you want to get done the next day. This will help give you a perspective of what your day should be like and what to prepare for. In your “Task Plan”, make out time for short breaks and unforeseen incidences that may distort your task. You can write down your task plan on your gadget or a notebook. I personally use “Tasks Cards” – small chunk of pieces of paper that can be easily put in my wallet, pocket or anywhere I can easily reach out to them. This helps keep me reminded about my tasks.

Do not leave your day to “chance”.. Take hold of your day by planning prior.

3. Exercise and Eat properly.

Most people in the race to make more money will neglect their health and physical well-being not realising that without a healthy body and mind, one is relatively useless in effective work performance.

Your greatest investment should be centred on your health and this shouldn’t be substituted for anything else. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t work efficiently and a dead person can’t use or enjoy money.

Exercise and proper diet are your only rudiment to a good health.

Most people consider workout as being centralised on developing biceps and building some packs. This is a wrong notion even by many who advocate for it. Working out is simply a physical activity that is done to become healthier and not necessarily to build muscles.

Make out time each day to do some manual work. Take a walk, go for a run, lift something heavy or follow an exercise program on Youtube. Exercise energizes your body and keep your enzymes and hormones active.

The aspect of eating quality food can’t be over emphasised. Even if you’re too busy and somehow “strangely” don’t have time to feed yourself, never neglect breakfast if you want to maximize your productivity at work!

4 .Have quality sleep

Most people are of the belief that 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is the optimal requirement for a healthy mind and body. Well, I don’t agree!

Quality of sleep isn’t measured by its duration but by the state of mind at which the sleep is initiated along with external environmental factors.  You can sleep for 8-10 hours and still wake up feeling dizzy and miserable. I haven’t seen a successful person that sleeps for 8 hours! Even the doctors/scientists who came up with such concept don’t sleep that long.

So how do you get quality sleep?

The answer is relative to various dispensation of individuals. What works for me might not have the same effect on you. So try to find your rhythm and decide what works for you. Nevertheless

Here are some tips I think you should try:


  •  Go to be on time;

You shouldn’t be conscious of your environment by 12am .. Go to bed!

  • sleep far away from your phone;

It’s been proven that cell phones produces radioactive chemicals that could be detrimental to your sleep. Besides, why place your phone close to you? Do you plan on receiving calls in your dream?

  • stay low on the caffeine before bed; Coffee before bed isn’t advisable.
  • you can leave your lights on if you’re scared of the dark.. But otherwise, turn all bright lights off!.. Don’t worry.. You’ll be fine.
  • Try to maintain a calm state of mind before sleeping and prevent yourself from worrying.
  • Above all, a good sleep duration should be between 5-6 hours.
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5. Learn and keep learning

Reading/studying keeps you updated and informed. to improve your productivity, you must be willing to invest in your mind through adequate reading and learning. Don’t be stringent in taking up on-line courses and sourcing for information outside your field. The more you equip yourself with skills and information, the indispensable you’ll become.

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Do leave a comment below and lets know how these tips might have helped you.


Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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