Journey To Success: 6 Sacrifices you Must Be Willing To Make

To have a successful and self-fulfilling life, there are sacrifices one must be willing and ready to make. The journey isn’t as daunting as it’s perceived to be, but it’s definitely not a smooth ride.

Life doesn’t offer anything good on a platter of gold. Even though the media is filled with sugar-coated stories of people who land a million bucks overnight, a little background check would reveal that such successes don’t come as easy as the media presents it to be.

Hard work, dedication, perseverance are all the necessary ingredients for success. But sometimes,   most people possess these characteristics and yet, they still don’t have their dream life or the stable financial future they try to build.

You may wonder why, and if you’ve been observant, you’d notice that it’s not necessarily the individual who works the longest hours that gets the highest paycheque. This boils down to tiny little sacrifices which people are unwilling to make.

An individual may have the necessary required traits for success but may lack the willingness to go through the sacrifice involved. Nothing happens just by sheer chance or luck, every effect is as a result of an action.

There’s a reason why entrepreneurs are the richest in the world which also explains why your boss earns more than you… They are doing something you aren’t. That’s the most logical explanation and I’ll be highlighting a few in this article.

The only distinct difference between successful people and others are the sacrifices they make. If you can take up the same responsibilities, you’ll eventually get the same result. Hopefully .

I read up the lives of some successful individuals on how they attained great success in their endeavours and noticed it was largely as a result of some sacrifices they had to make. Below are some of my findings

Sacrifices you must be willing to make to be successful.


1 . Narrow down your cliques.

In the journey of success, every aspect of your life matters and that largely includes the kind of friends you keep.

Man is a social being. Thus, there is the need for socialisation and relationship to meet the need of the emotional demand of an individual. Nonetheless, the kind of friends you keep can either make you or break you. A friend can be a driving force to your success and other time, some could be a huge baggage of waste.

Now, don’t fall for the deception that you don’t need friends. You do need friends. But you don’t need a lot of them, you only need the right ones. And unfortunately, the right ones are usually very few.

Therefore you must sacrifice not having to blend in with every kind of crowd and you’ll have to look deeper to find the right ones.

2 . Become selfish with your time.

Success requires a great deal of prioritization to achieve your desired goals.

In the journey of success, you can’t afford to give your time to everything/everyone that merely desires your attention. You will have to make sacrifices in setting up priorities and most likely have to deny yourself temporary satisfaction for long-term fulfilment.

3 . war against yourself

70% of the battles we fight are internal. From thoughts to emotions; feelings to urges. There is a constant struggle between our body and our mind. Between what we want and what we need. There is a constant war that goes unending within us.

For very few individuals, they’ve been able to subdue their body and are no longer governed by impulses or whimsy feelings. Most people generally call it self-discipline. To be successful, part of the sacrifice you’ll need to make is to cultivate this trait.

This largely means you’ll have to learn to say NO to some TV programs, limit the scrolling of your endless social media news feed. Cut down party time. Learn to limit some junks you take in as food (your health is the most important factor for your success).

By choosing to decline the enticing invitation of the aforementioned, it means you have to begin doing things your body doesn’t naturally doesn’t want to such as, studying, meditation, practising mindfulness, exercising etc. You’ll have to learn to follow through with your goals even when it’s difficult to keep up.


4 . Embrace solitude

Yes! The journey to success is often lonely. If it wasn’t, everyone would be successful.

One of the sacrifices you must be willing to make on your journey to success is to embrace the fact that you’ll most likely have to do things on your own most of the time.

Of course, you need the help of people to succeed, but not everyone will gladly buy into your ideas and subscribe to your vision without first seeing some kind of potential progress. This is often the lonely walk to success.

You may likely not be fortunate enough to meet folks who share same philosophies with you or who agree with your values. Your ideas may even get you misunderstood and that’s where you must persevere and see it through to the end.


5 . Risk-taking must become a culture.

I’m yet to see a successful individual who never took some form of calculated risk in their lifetime. This is largely due to the fact that success is seldom achieved from the position of comfort. You’ll have to pull the string and take the shot. And probably offend some people in the process.


6 . Mistakes are inevitable

The journey of success is usually a bumpy ride. Mistakes and failures are inevitably going to occur along the way and you must learn to deal with it.

You must accept that things won’t go your way most of the time and you’ll have to keep keeping on.

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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