How To Keep Going Even When You Feel Like Quitting

Most people do not know how close they were to actualising their goals just right before they quit. This is such because life sometimes doesn’t show signs of progress. All you’ve got in most case is to hope and believe.

It can be very frustrating when it appears you aren’t making any significant progress after dedicating your best effort and following what’s recommended in the book and yet, no positive change or significant advancement. You begin to question yourself and quitting might seem to be the most plausible thing to do.

But imagine how life would have been if everyone who were confronted with such situation had quit on themselves and their goals. We wouldn’t have the major technological and scientific breakthroughs we now enjoy today.

Take for example the light bulb;

 Thomas Edison conducted 1000 failed experiment before coming up with the 10001st that eventually produced the light bulb. Don’t just read through. Ponder on this; his first 50 failed experiments could have been a very good reason to quit and get on with life, or even his 99th. But he made 1000 failed experiments which is equivalent to 1000 reasons to had quit and hang the gloves. But he kept going and today the whole world enjoys his perseverance.


Life can be sometimes tough no doubt, and no one can better understand what you’re going through except you. But you must realise that failure and hardship are only pathways to attainment.

Life will test you to either bring out the best or worse in you. Either ways, it’s up to you. No matter how solid your reasons are for quitting, you owe it to yourself to keep going and to see the journey through to the end. You might not see the end of the tunnel, but that as well is part of the program.

We’d love the idea of being able to figure out everything and precisely know where we’re heading and how the next step will turn out. But this is reality, life doesn’t give clues or traces most of the time. If it did, you’ll never learn the first key to self-confidence, which is trusting yourself. You’d never know what it means to dream and fight for what you believe. You’d never know what it means to have faith even when everyone bails out.

Tough times and challenging situations are what shapes us and forms us, they form a strong sense of our character and ultimately the drive and passion to keep going.

You might have tried all there is and failed, but your breakthrough could be just one step away. Just one more try maybe all it takes.

These two tips will pick you up and get you going:



  • Positive meditation:

Do not let anyone deceive you, you can’t be positive all the time (you’re not a robot).

But nonetheless, you might not have control over what comes into your mind, but you have control over what stays.

During difficult times conflicting thoughts and negative pictures may try to occupy our mind. It’s your responsibility to prevent that. You must realise that you have the ability to control what you think about. What you ponder on the most ultimately becomes your reality. It’s a natural law that you can either employ to serve you, or neglect to hurt you.

Maintaining a positive mind-set in the midst of a negative situation is one of the greatest demonstration of true character strength.

It won’t be easy to harness, but it isn’t impossible. All you need to do is try.


  • Positive declaration:

Words are highly powerful. Scientists have conducted an experiment and came up with the hypothesis that words can literarily alter the growth of plants. That is to say, positive words spoken over a plant would enhance its ability to grow and flourish. On the other hand, negative words will hamper it.

I haven’t tried out this experiment but no doubt, words are powerful! And they can drastically alter your life.

Do not find yourself speaking defeat and discouragement. Rather than speak falsehood, do not speak at all. Cultivate the act of  consistently developing and working on your thought pattern. When you learn to think positive, you’ll ultimately speak positive.

Closing note:

There’s no such thing as a negative situation.

Behind every situation, encounter, incidence or circumstance comes with a lesson. It only becomes negative when you choose not to learn anything from it.

The distinguishing trait of successful people is the ability to grab lessons from every situation (either good or bad). These lessons are what builds up life experience and improve our better understanding of life.

Mistakes and unfortunate circumstances are only stepping stones to learn something new.

Keep your heads high and remain diligent. someday you just might tell the world your story.

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

2 thoughts on “How To Keep Going Even When You Feel Like Quitting

  • 9th October 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Aisosa, Great post and you clarify one great point. In life sometimes when you feel like quitting you are one step away from victory. How many of us have lost that opportunity in our lives because we gave up too early. No matter the circumstances and the struggle we keep going until our dream is complete. Amazing writing thank you.


    • 11th October 2017 at 12:20 am

      Hello Ricardo,
      I really do appreciate your input and kind words.
      Thanks for your contribution.


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