Letting Go: How To Make Peace With Your Past

Many times in life, we get frustrated in the race of life not because we truly want to give up, but as a result of the mistakes of our past.
We get too worried and constantly regret what we did wrong in the past, what’s others did to us, or opportunities we’ve missed.
Amidst the constant self-torture and regrets, we often forget that the past is all gone and there’s nothing you can do about it. All you need do is to let it out and move on with life.
Do not let what has happened in time past ruin your today and make a disgrace of your tomorrow. Your best days are still ahead of you and it is imperative that you constantly remind yourself of this fact.
The greatest weapon you’ve been blessed with is your mind. Your mind has the ability to reconstruct what has been destroyed and has the ability to recreate damaged dreams.
However, when you constantly brood on the past (regrets, mistakes and negativity), you’re shutting your creative imaginative faculty from producing a life of fruitfulness and peace.
The mind is a tool. Just like every other implement, you can master its usage. To make peace with your past, you must recondition your mind to get over hatred, regrets and resentment.  You can’t have a fruitful life if these weeds have hooks in your brain. You must learn to declutter.

How to let go.


1. Forgive yourself.

Forgiveness is a prime necessity for producing a life of peace. You definitely might have made mistakes in time past, the good news is… We’ve all had.
However, carrying the baggage of yesterday isn’t a smart way of approaching life. You must learn to make peace with yourself by letting go.
If you’ve made errors, forgive yourself. Your story hasn’t ended yet and you still have a lot to live for and offer to the world.

2. You can’t change what has happened.

Past events, occurrences, circumstances etc are eventualities that are irredeemable. While you may make efforts to make amends, do not get entangled in the process when it begins to prove too arduous.
Bottom line: change what you can and let go of what you can’t.

3. Forgive others.

Others may have hurt or caused you pain. You didn’t deserve what they did but they did it anyway. You aren’t in control of their will but you’re in control of yours.
Forgiving others for the wrong done us might be one of the most difficult things there is, and you necessarily don’t have to do it for them but for the sole purpose that you deserve peace.

Better days are ahead. 

Despite unfortunate circumstances and situations, there are still more grounds to conquer.
Your life isn’t over because of a bad past. You have the ability to create your desired life. Best of all, you don’t have to seek the strength elsewhere, it’s in you.
Let go of the past and strive for what is ahead.

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