When Life Doesn’t Make Sense; Apply these 5 Tips

Ever been in a situation when it seems your life is a spin roll? Nothing appears to make sense and every passing day seems like a long ride to valley of defeat? When there’s nothing to hope for and every efforts seems not to get past your nose? This post is for you. And just like our past articles, we’re centred on helping you get past that hurdle! Here are some tips to help you ..



Life can knock you so hard that it may seem you’ll never be able to recover. Negative situations appears unending,  Frustration sets in and depression slowly creeps in.  It may be as a result of a failed relationship, career downturn, financial impairment or a tragic unexpected incidence. You must realise  that a lot of people go through these situations at one point in life or another.

The world is filled with people who have been through unfortunate situations and eventually came through. Most have lost loved ones, jobs, money etc.   Sometimes life throws the hardest challenge to the strongest of us, not necessarily to break us but to test our strength. This could be a phase of self-discovery, learning and experience.  Be encouraged to keep going, do not take defeats or failures personally but realise these are only steps to attainments.


“There’s a time and season for everything”– Solomon

Only one thing is constant, and that is change. Every situation so happens to be subject to it. No unfortunate circumstance is prone to last forever, it will definitely pass.  While it’s difficult to maintain a positive attitude during hard situations ( You can’t be positive all the time, you aren’t  a robot). But realising you aren’t going to get stuck in a situation forever could be a good steer to encourage you to remain hopeful and spirited. The hard times may last for a while, but will definitely pass and you’ll be stronger as a result of it.

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I’ve come to realise that humans are consistently learning ( it may even be unknown to them), but every phase and circumstance in life comes with a message to teach us something. The ability to pick up lessons from unfortunate situations or circumstances is one of the key effective trait of successful people. If an opportunity or a door closes on you, don’t be quick to despair. Open your mind to possibilities  and you might just find something better.

Do not put off your mind, make judicious use of your circumstances and pick up lessons and experience from them.


It’s okay to take time to yourself and be alone when you’re down. You need this space to reflect and heal. Conversely it could have a detrimental effect when you spend time too much time alone while passing through a tough situation. This can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. It’s imperative to get  out of the house and take a walk with nature. Find a trusted friend and speak with them about your issues. Sharing your problems solves them halfway.

Geeflix has made it possible for you to speak with a counsellor who is willingly to listen to you and encourage you.

We’re never too busy to care.

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The scriptures says God is close to the broken hearted (Psalm 34:18).

He understands your frustrations, desire and needs. This isn’t same thing as vague religion. Jesus isn’t just GOD…. He’s a friend, a father .. A companion. You’d be amazed by how much better you’ll feel if you put off religion and speak to Him as you’d do a friend.

He listens and cares.


We hope you’ve been inspired by this piece, we’d like to hear about how you’ve handled tough times. Drop a comment below.

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