How To Write a LinkedIn Summary – Quick Guide

LinkedIn is one of the most important tool for you if you are a job seeker.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social media platform with over 200 million members in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe. Employers and recruiters use LinkedIn to fill up available job spots around the world.

However, you need your profile to be  completed,  optimized, foe employers to be able to find you

How To Write a LinkedIn Summary - Quick Guide

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Follow this step to write your LinkedIn summary, so that it will be attractive to employers

Avoid the popular catch phrases.

You should avoid using some old phrases that are commonly used by everybody.

These include ‘self-motivated team player’, ‘accomplished professional’ or ‘exceptional communicator’. These phrases do absolutely NOTHING to make you stand out from others, and you are only wasting valuable space which you could use to showcase your achievements instead.

If all the candidate can say about themselves is that they work well under pressure or are self-motivated, this is not going to make them stand out from other candidates and therefore they are unlikely to get much interest from recruiters/employers.

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Create your USP.

Your Unique Selling Proposition is a one sentence/paragraph explanation that gives the potential employer a quick overview of who you are, what you are looking for, and most importantly, what you can do for them.

You want your summary to stand out – this means you should include some achievements and make sure you quantify them as much as possible. If you are a sales person who’s achieved 120% of your target for the last 3 years, mention it. But you don’t need to be in sales to have quantifiable achievements – however you do need a clear reason as to why people would want to engage with you.

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Make your LinkedIn summary keyword rich

Recruiters search for a combination of job titles, skills, and other keywords to find the right candidates. LinkedIn even shows you some of the search queries used to find your profile. On your profile, check out the dashboard underneath your summary. One of the stats will be “search appearances.” Click on it to see a report detailing your searches. For example, this week some of my searchers found my profile by using these keyword combinations:

How To Write a LinkedIn Summary - Quick Guide

Open up about your career

Your LinkedIn summary isn’t the place for your unabridged biography. However, it is the perfect place to add context to your career trajectory, show off your accomplishments, and dig into what makes you great at your job. This is information that recruiters and prospective employers are interested in knowing.

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What’s next for you?

Leave hints as to why you moved from one company to the next. Recruiters want to know if the position they’re filling makes sense as your next step.

Much of this will be detailed in your work experience sections, but you can use your summary to control the narrative. For example, you might use your summary to share your interest in a specific discipline within your field. Or how you motivate and enable your team as you look to move into a management role. Or your desire to work with companies that make an impact on a specific segment of the community. Placing these ideas in your summary will help color your entire career history.

Here is an Outline that will guide you better.

  • Start strong with a catchy opening statement
  • Use optimized search terms in your summary
  • Don’t be afraid to inject some personality
  • Add context to your career story
  • Brag about your accomplishments
  • Utilize as much of the character limit as you can
  • Keep it readable with short paragraphs or bullet points
  • Don’t go overboard with special characters
  • Use a “call to action” at the end

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