You Owe The World Just One Thing And You May Never Find Fulfillment Because of It

A popular  quotation common among the lips of a vast number of people populating the earth chants “you owe the world nothing”. I’ve observed this to be particularly prevalent amongst people who are petrified by the thought of owning up to responsibilities and are rather unsettled in accounting for their actions. While it’s easy and sometimes tempting to live as though life doesn’t matter, and after all life is short, but going with such mentality usually leads to under performance and discontent.

Life is indeed short and it does matter a lot what you do with yours while you still have it. It’s not just enough to think the entire world is up against you neither is it appropriate to live life without a cause or purpose. Life is bigger than what either of us think it might be and you have to make a decision not to get passed by, but to leave a footprint on your way.

We’re living in a generation where people are tossed by celebrity trends, fashion, social media attention and narcissism. People are more concerned about how they look on the  outside rather than who they are inside.

They patronize looks above content, and would rather invest more on perishable things rather than on things which hold long lasting value.

In times like these, it’s very easy to lose track of building  who you are and neglect your very true essence. It’s easy to blend in and violate what you stand. To imitate or want to be like someone else just because you’re not sure if you’d be accepted or approved by the vast majority.

No one celebrates a photocopy, the original will always and most certainly get all the credit and glory. Sadly there are so many clones in the world today, and nature breathes and cries for people who are willing to step their boundaries and alter the status quo.

This brings us to the subject of what you owe the world:

You owe the world an opportunity to see you being YOU!

The world deserve to know what’s behind your façade and mere acts and appearance. The world deserves to see you operate at your fullest potential; embracing your true personalities, holding on to your dreams and standing up for a cause. You owe the world the willingness to be You and be the best at it!

New flash; there  are over seven billion people in the world yet none is exactly like you. No one can talk, walk, laugh, cry and even make mistakes like you do.

You must embrace the inner knowledge in realising that you’re an original, a distinctive species with a unique character.

Quit trying to be like someone else because everyone is already taken. You’re all you’ve got and you might as well just find ways to improve and work with yourself.

How do you become the best of you?

 Below are 5 tips to get you started.

1.Continually learn about yourself

No one can better understand you than you do, and don’t deceive yourself that you know all there is about you. Learn to distinguish between what works for you and what doesn’t. Do not be tempted to eagerly try principles others are doing because it has proven to work for them. The fact certain concepts and principles worked for someone else does not necessarily mean it will work for you.

For example, most students prefer studying late at night and has reportedly yielded good results for them. Do not try to practise the same logic if you’re an early sleeper and begin to  force yourself to  stay awake. You’ll be miserable. Find a convenient time that best works for you.. Develop a rhythm and continually improve on it.

2.Improve yourself

The fastest way to better grow yourself is through reading and listening. Get books that will inspire and motivate you to live beyond  average. Scout for motivational speakers or preachers who inspire you. Listen to them carefully (with a pinch of salt of course, don’t just swallow everything you hear or read, pick ONLY what you need.) and you’ll grab experiences that took them years to attain.

Geeflix is a personal development platform that is dedicated to help you better improve yourself.

3.Create your passion:

Take note I said “CREATE” your passion rather than “FIND” your passion.

“finding your passion” has long become bromide and a cliché commonly used to denote something extremely difficult and obscure to attain. Many spend years finding their passion and when they can’t seem to see a glimpse of it, they end up telling themselves that they aren’t good at anything.

Do not let people define what your life should be about or what passion should connote. Passion is whatever you make of it provided  it serves a greater good for humanity. So quit  finding something “out there” and create  something from within of which you’re ready to commit your time and dedication to.

4.Step up; speak out:

Do not let fear cheat you out of rising for something you believe in. Your voice may be all that’s needed for people to find courage and strength to step up.

your life is your greatest gift and the world needs to see you make the most of it. Live life on purpose and chase your dreams . It won’t be easy, but it isn’t impossible.


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Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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