Phone Interviews- Tips on how to Win at It.

During your job searches you may be faced with having a phone interview with your prospective employers. It is not new that most of the activities concerning job search and growing a career happens online, virtual interviews, board meetings are now the new cool

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Phone Interviews- Tips on how to Win at It.


Do Not Be Casual.

In an office environment, there is a standard protocol for exchanging greeting. Typically, the greeting is something as simple as “Hello, this is Barrack Obama.” Or it may be something more scripted such as “Thank you for calling the human resource department. Donald Trump speaking.”

The reality is you probably know who is calling on the other end because virtually all phones are equipped with caller ID. And yet, you would still respond with a professional greeting primarily because you know it is a communication exchange between professionals.

So if you are a job candidate, answer the phone as if you are already in the office.

“Hi, this is Theresa May.”

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Confirm The Interview Appointment.

If you have a scheduled interview appointment  intimate the person calling you so they know you aren’t just hanging around.  Don’t wait for the person calling you to confirm the purpose of the call. When I call candidates, Appointment times can sometimes get mixed up. You are expected to sound prepared for the interview. You also need  to immediately thank the person for taking the time to speak with you that day.

“Hi, Mr. Bush. I was expecting your call. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today.”

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Be Clear.

Imagine that you are in a real interview room. You know you won’t entertain disturbance of any kind. so when having a phone interview make sure that  there are no baby cry or friend laughter i the background, it will make you seem very unserious.

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Ask Questions.

If you aren’t clear on a subject, ask questions. You can politely draw back the attention of the caller after he is done talking, to points that you think that you missed. You can achieve this by having a paper  and pen around for easy notes.

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