Become A Nice Person – Boost all Your Relationships

It may be difficult to find nice people around in the world. With tons of human beings becoming more selfish and vicious.

Social media has also played a very big role in making us believe that every-body cares only about themselves.

However in a world where everybody’s heart seems iced. A lot of persons like you still want to be nice persons.

Being a nice person doesn’t just open doors for you; it makes you a happier person. What other satisfying life is there apart from a happy one.

Here are steps to help you become a nicer person and radiate kindness around the world.

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Be patient with people.

Nobody wants to be a person who is always complaining ; nagging and not understanding. This does not rule out the fact that you can have your moment when you lash out about things that bothers you.

However when everything that always comes out of your mouth is a complain- it gets people around you tired of your presence in their life.

Also whenever you have your moment try not to use damaging words; your anger may go away but the dent it has caused may never go away.

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Become A Nice Person - Boost all Your Relationships

Be available to help.

Trying to meet the needs of others, helps you become a nicer person. When you meet and even anticipate the needs of others, most will notice and appreciate it, though they may not say anything in response at the moment.

Times will come when you are truly tired and cannot offer any help, its nicer to yourself that you rest.

However try to offer someone a tissue, offer to make a coffee, offer to go shopping with them and most importantly lend your shoulders for them to cry on.

Become A Nice Person - Boost all Your Relationships

Say sorry.

When a  nice person offends someone whether or not it is intended. a sorry follows behind.

It should go without saying that “I’m sorry, but…” is not a real apology.

So, begin by acknowledging the offense and telling the other person that you’re truly sorry for what you said or did, and you hope they’ll forgive you. There is no “but….” Do what you can to make amends, and listen to them if they need to say something in response.

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Be punctual.

Punctuality shows  that you respect people and the fact that they are waiting for you. People have other pressing things to meet up to but they held on just to meet with you. it would be nice if you don’t stand them up even for a meeting ; without cogent reasons

Genuinely nice people put others first. Showing up on time is a good start.

Be authentic.

And finally, be the real you – only nicer. Being mean isn’t in anyone’s DNA, and being miserable is no one’s life purpose. Be the person you want to be and know yourself capable of being. And treat others how you would want to be treated.

There’s nothing fake about genuine niceness, and people can often sense fake niceness from a mile off. You don’t have to be cheerful all the time or to pretend everything is awesome. Just be real with people.

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Be affectionate and thoughtful.

The first rule is to try to remember peoples name and important thins they have told you. like, Anniversaries, doctors appointments and even allergies.

True, we all have moments when something going on in our heads prevents us from paying enough attention to process and retain the name of the person we’re talking to. But there are ways to help ourselves remember those important details, and if you’re committed to being a nice person, it makes sense to do what you can.

Also, if it’s appropriate, use friendly gestures that show interest and even affection, if there are grounds for that. Give hugs or shoulder touches if you know the other person appreciates them; otherwise, don’t.

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Be Thankful.

Nice people always show gratitude for the favours they enjoy. Learn to be thankful for the littlest things and also the bigger things.

Showing gratitude gets you move favours and help from people, A good thank you is better than any coin.

Remember being nice is a virtue and not a weakness, be a nice person without season.

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