Tips on Networking For Introverts – yes you can do it

Tips on Networking For Introverts -There can be nothing more daring  for introverts than the idea of meeting new people. All sorts of  thoughts and reactions run through your mind, introverts are often over thinkers and they tend to act out situations that have not even occurred in their heads.

Are you an introvert ? Yes i am !!

Tips on Networking For Introverts

Whether they’re young professionals or seasoned executives, many introverts internalize the idea that they are flawed. They carry this burden with them and believe that their introversion is a defect, an embarrassing secret, or an obstacle to be overcome.

Actually, There is nothing wrong with being introvert.                                                Introverts possess a bounty of natural gifts. They’re keen observers, gifted writers, and social media whizzes. They contribute thoughtful comments and ask insightful questions, pausing to listen to the answers. They remember details, prepare well for meetings, and can happily work in solitude.

However when an introvert is into any business that requires networking, meeting new persons and discussing new ideas. He has to.

  Everyone you know now use to be a stranger too

One secret truth about introverts is that they can adapt to situations opposing their personality. if they put their mind to it.

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Here are Tips on Networking For Introverts

Tips on Networking For Introverts

Charge up your energy.

One of the Tips on networking for introverts is planning out time to recharge.        Being around so many  people or unfamiliar  faces wears down your  energy and that’s part of what makes parties and networking events so torturing. Plan to rest and recharge both before and after your event  this will help you network better as an introvert.  You’ll be  able to energetic while you attend.

Time your stay.

Another step on tips on networking for introverts is telling yourself that your stay is not forever. This way you are letting your mind know that you are not leaving your shell forever. before going for these things , you’re usually already thinking of how come back. . By setting a time limit, the event won’t seem like such an unending activity. But if you enjoy yourself you can stay longer.

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See it as developing yourself.

You know the skills we need for self development does not always come  naturally to you. You have to develop yourself, and in doing this, you are going to feel uncomfortable for sure but you need it for self development. I already told you that introverts adapt easily, you would be fine.

Don’t push yourself too fast.

Being around so many talking people can suck the energy out of most introverts. Worsening the situation is the idea of getting to converse with them, it is cringing right ?. When going to an event, focus your mind on the particular thing or person whom you intend learning this new thing from, try to single them from the bulk of all the activities, avoid other things that are not meant for you. its saves your energy.

Make a goal.

I have found that it is less overwhelming to give myself a goal of how many people I will have meaningful conversations with. It makes chatting with people a bit more purposeful. When I hit that goal, I feel like I’ve done a good job.

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Get a “wing-man”.

Being around so many new faces can be discomforting but being with one person whom you know very well, can be so comforting. So ask your best friend to go with you.

Remember that  everyone you know used to be a stranger too. You used to cringe and shy away from communicating with them but now they are all a very important part of you, plus you can laugh out your hearts around them now.

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