5 Key Traits That Distinguishes Successful People From Others

Everyone would love to be successful.. If it were easy, everyone would be. But the fact is, Success doesn’t just happen by mistake neither is  it something that eventually materializes from long hours of sleep and pleasure. Success like an habit can be harnessed and cultivated by consistently following simple essential tips that many have long neglected- No reason there are only Few successful people in the world.

Now before I go further, I’d like to debunk a conventional view of the world’s definition of success. I’d like to iterate that success isn’t about having riches to lavish. It isn’t measured by the number of houses or cars you have to flaunt, neither is it measured by the size of your gross income.

Success overly simplified is your ability to influence others with the investment of your personality. Being able to make others successful and adding a bit of purpose in their lives. Simply put,

Success isn’t about YOU.. it’s about what you do for others and the positive impact you’re able to leave on them.

Successful people know that this doesn’t come by chance, it requires cultivating some traits that are essential to sustain their accomplishments and expand their reach.

Here are a few:

Hard stuff to do right? Well, successful people know it’s difficult and capitalize on this difficulty. There is a burning desire in every human being that’s thirsty for love and affection. And it so happens that the world is filled with self-centred and greedy people who think of nothing but themselves. When you’re able to seek the greater good of others and not just yourself, you’ll reap long lasting relationships and formidable friendship that will definitely yield results someday. Why? Successful people understand that you can’t attain great peaks on your own. You’ll definitely need help at one point in time and the help you’ll receive is tantamount to the investments you’ve made in others.

The greatest heroes are not those who fight for themselves( anyone can do that), but those who fight and seek the greater good of others.

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  • They give more than they expect to receive.

Successful people are never satisfied in being mediocre. They do things differently from normal average people . Average people aspire to gain more from less input, and a normal human being would give in expectation to receive something of like value. When it comes to work, Successful people know that giving and contributing more than expected will improve your work efficiency, experience and ability to accomplish more task with less sweat. It’s an ethic that has been tried and proven by many entrepreneurs such as Robert Kiyosaki, who at his early days of journey to financial freedom had to work for free to gain skills that would otherwise not be gained if he had been paid for his services. Obviously, I ain’t saying you should go about working for free ( you’ll run broke!). Just simply be committed in adding more value rather than concentrating on what you expect to receive in return.

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  • They are not afraid to fail

“the greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail”- Mark Zuckerberg

There is no successful person who haven’t failed or made mistakes over and over again. The only difference between them and others is their strong resilience to keep going in the midst of disappointments and trials. The world gives nothing great over on a platter of gold, it will test your will, passion and dedication and still wouldn’t hand it over to you. You’ve got to take it! Successful people do not expect to receive anything that they haven’t earned. Earning what you want often doesn’t come cheap, you must be prepared and comfortable with the possibilities of making mistakes and the maintaining the right attitude to learn from your failures.

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  • They aren’t scared of taking risks

Successful people are driven by purpose filled with direction, and following this direction often requires you to take certain actions that may not be comfortable to accommodate reasoning and approval from people. This is one trait that is prevalent amongst vast number of entrepreneurs. The tendency to go with your gut feeling even if it violates logic.

Nothing great can be achieved from the position of comfort. Successful people are willing to Stretch their boundaries and embrace chances to do  what’s necessary rather than what’s convenient.

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  • Successful people are patient

In this microwave generation where people expect to see sudden results over a short space of time and give up when they see nothing appearing, successful people continue to persist in believe that their efforts would eventually yield result as they exercise the strength to wait and keep going.

The greatest successes do not happen overnight, they take time, consistency and patience.



Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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  • 29th April 2018 at 10:34 am

    Alot of very successful men/women are self educated but had ambition, a great idea, creativity, some were altruistic and went out and did great things quietly for the poor and needy here and abroad. These are my heroes. Success to me is happiness and making the lives of others better.


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