Do It Or Don’t: A Wake up Call To Fight For Your Dreams

More often than not, everyone dreams. Nobody wants to continue being the same, unchanging or remain stagnant. To dream, however, is actually very easy. I can close my eyes any time of the day and envision myself being a man of substance, a successful change-maker.

I can close my eyes and daydream of being the next Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs or even someone of greater influence than the aforementioned. Yes, I can!! But “dreaming” doesn’t in any iota of an effort push me closer to my goals.

Don’t go misconstruing the quote “If you can envision it, you can be it”. Trust me, there’s a silent call to “work” and there’s need to take precise steps to attain what you’ve envisioned.

Turning that dream into a reality is the biggest task there is. And most often than not, we sit passively doing nothing to see our dreams become more than just mere fantasies.


Take a moment and ask yourself, What step have you taken so far in turning that dream of yours into reality?  How many books have you read in the last 90 days?  What new skills have you learnt?

Of every 24-hours that you have daily, how many hours of the day do you allocate into grooming yourself to develop into that which you aspire to become tomorrow? What are you currently doing today that your future self will be grateful for?

To become a successful business person, sales executive, political leader, entertainer, or public speaker doesn’t come cheap. There’s a thin line between where you are and where you dream of being, it’s called action.

Today, start taking calculated deliberate steps to turn those dreams of yours into real life experience. Begin the journey today by setting the right goals and optimize your productivity.


Don’t just be a dreamer, become a visionary.

A DREAMER wakes up from sleep and breezes away his day participating at that which has nothing to do with his goals. He does nothing to see to the actualization of his dreams–probably waiting on some miracle or Manna to fall from heaven. These are the people you’d see trying so hard to fit into the workforce later on.

Let me digress to the story of a close friend. A naturally gifted painter and writer whose imaginations were outright close to being impeccable. I, however, was surprised to see him struggling to become a mathematician. I did not condemn his course of study back then. Instead, I showed him the way back to what he loved doing. It was only a matter of time before he got back his shine. He is today is one of the great men I look up to.


Bottom line, your actions shouldn’t be in contrast to your dreams. Allow your mental, psychological and emotional energies be fueled towards your goals.

It’s about time you start toiling in the path of your dream. It’s usually narrow at first but takes no time to expand into a success story. Only when you walk the road less travelled do you become a VISIONARY.

Also, don’t try to become successful. Trying is a language for the weak, the procrastinator who finds excuses. It’s either you’re doing what it takes to attain success or you’re not. Life and every success story is a coin toss, you’re either chasing the head or the tail.

Don’t just dream, Act, DO, work, grow, and soon,  you’ll be at the pinnacle of the topmost mountain.


Authour Bio


Jamiu Olayinka Olarinoye is an emerging Nigerian Leader, a social and personal development advocate, a poet, artist, writer, and a few other things he figures out daily.

He is an undergraduate student of History and Strategic Studies at the University of Lagos. A fervent believer of the need for daily renewal of positive energies, and the way the right words can change everything, one day at a time.

Editorial Staff

Chief Editorial and publishing team at Geeflix. All ideas and information presented in the article above are solely that of the aforementioned guest contributor.

4 thoughts on “Do It Or Don’t: A Wake up Call To Fight For Your Dreams

  • 5th December 2017 at 5:20 pm

    This article had me crying. I’m gonna Act now. Thanks author.

    • 5th December 2017 at 11:29 pm

      I’m glad this helped. It’s about time we all start being the authors of our own fate.
      Fight harder!!

  • 10th December 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Thanks for this wonderful Piece. I wouldn’t have fully lived today if I didn’t come across this.

    • 14th December 2017 at 7:25 pm

      I am glad you came across this piece. Do read more from here and share.


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