5 Lessons From William Shakespeare That Will Inspire You

Williams Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational playwrights the world has ever seen. His poetic words and writings cut through time and space and continue to inspire generations after him.

It’s been over 400 years since his demise but yet his plays, sonnets and quotes hold valuable wisdom that is still very applicable in modern-day society. They hold practical meanings and truths that people across various culture can relate to, identify with and apply.

Below are some inspirational lessons taught by one of the greatest writers in history.


1 . “Nothing will come of nothing”

This quote is particularly true as it explains that no accomplishment can ever be attained without taking deliberate action. Most people live and breeze through life terrified by thoughts of stepping out of their comfort zone. They live day-in-and-day-out enraptured in imaginations of having a better life and hoping something good would miraculously happen from nowhere.

In contrast, reality isn’t  dependent on fate. Your reality is largely dependent on what you create it to be by the actions you take. If you want to turn your life around, take action! If you want to improve your relationship or grown your influence, take action. Because nothing will come of nothing unless you do something.


2 . “This above all: to thine own self be true.”

One of the most important requisites for success is to have a firm knowledge of your identity. Build your self-worth, embrace and allow your true personality unravel without compromise.

Be true to yourself. Identify your strength as well as your weaknesses. Set up standards and hold fast to your moral beliefs. Put aside doctrines that don’t serve you and step away from fake lifestyles that don’t connote your character. Above all, give yourself the permission to be you!


3 . “wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast”

This insightful statement was made mention in a play that is undoubtedly considered as one of the best romantic classics of all time – Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene III.

Patience is widely considered to be a cardinal a virtue. Probably the most important trait for long-term success. But sadly, we live in a microwave generation where people are quick to give up on their dreams after trying few times without seeing results.

Success takes time.  Slow and steady wins the race they often say. Be patient and take your steps one at a time.


4 . “You are not worth another word, else I’d call you knave”

While this quote might not be a conventional quote you’re accustomed to, it can fly in as a perfect reply to people who annoy you.

Our day seldom plays perfectly. You’ll definitely encounter folks who will attempt to get you pissed off. Rather than using conventional replies in such situations, you can tap into the timeless words of Shakespeare and pull the most intelligent insults that may likely not sound too offensive. You can get dozens of such words on litcharts


5 . “The miserable have no other medicine but hope”

Life can sometimes be unfortunate. You may be trying very hard and it might seem your dreams are impossible. But you must realise that failure and mistakes are only pathways to success.

Life will test you to either bring out the best or worse in you. Either way, it’s up to you. No matter how solid your reasons are for quitting… You owe it to yourself to keep going and to see the journey through to the end. You might not see the end of the tunnel, but you have to keep faith and hope alive that everything will eventually turn out right.

Aisosa Lebarty

Motivator and self-improvement coach.

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