Working and Studying – Tips on How to Combine Both and Succeed

Do you intend studying and working? but you don’t know how to combine both and succeed? Here you will get tips on how to combine studying and working. It is not unusual to find people who are working and willing to study and vice versa. You might  be need for one who is studying to aid his study by working and also a need for you working to grow in your career by studying.

can i study while working

Many of us are determined to kill two birds with one stone, well there is nothing wrong with that especially when you have all you need to aim perfectly. here you will learn how to do studying and working, how to combine both and succeed perfectly.

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you have to be determined and focused. you have to accept your situation and tell yourself, yes i am doing this.It is all about understanding what you want to succeed at – what, in fact, the university or your job wants from you and what you will get in return. you have to understand your university, the lecturer and the courses, some may require more effort than the others.

While others are as easy as the alphabets, some lecturers require your attendance and presence while the others understand that you can catch up later. you should also understand the nature of your job, you bosses and your customer understanding this first tip on how to combine studying and working will help you carry on studying and working with optimum success.

how to succeed at work while studying

Approach the authority.

this is a bold but necessary step to take. you should approach your job for shifts and assistance by asking them to give you tasks according to your school time table, when you are at it remember that it is only a favor. you should be ready to sacrifice. you may be required to multiply your task to make up for the time your job will free you. you should also approach the school authority for extra time and extra credit, some university also have a work and study program that allows you to study only few times in a week you may opt for such program.

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Learn to work smart.

One of the best way to combine studying and working is to delegate Some Job to Others become a  master of shortcuts. “Why should you bother yourself  with dull research paper topic I’m not interested in when someone else can do 200 times better than me and for me?” you can have people write you assignments and papers for you while you focus on the passing your exams and giving your best services at work. it is unwise it is to spend so much time on a single research paper just for a tick in a register, spare yourself of boring and time-consuming work.

Learn to relax.

give yourself treats, it will be difficult but find time to attend a party and relax with friends.Find time for your relationships. find time exercise, get filled with energy, positive thinking and never-ending optimism that would drive you further on.
learn how to strike the right balance between working, studying and enjoying yourself. Simply, be a happy student, staff and person, take what you do seriously and do your best. And, no matter what you do, don’t forget to appreciate everyday of your life some are not as lucky.

work and go to school

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Working and studying – tips on how to combine both and succeed, is an article written to guide you through your current difficulty. yes you can work and also study and excel in both areas and most importantly do not forget to make out time to give yourself a treat goodluck!!

Hope the article on how to work and study at the same time was helpful. For your question and feedback use the comment box

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