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We’re always in search for great content that adds value to our audience. If you are a writer or just someone who have an idea, experience, knowledge, thought, advice, lessons or just mere contribution that is centred on improving the lives of people, we’d be glad to have you featured on our platform.

Geeflix provides an avenue for guest contributors to submit pitches and write for us. We’re always on the lookout for quality content and believe you deserve all the credit for the articles you submit to us. If you’re looking to share your knowledge with a broader audience who are predominantly interested in personal development, you are welcome to turn in your articles.

What kind of stuff do we publish?

1. Our website is primarily focussed on personal development and positivity. We appreciate articles that are centred on self-improvement, career, business, relationships, spirituality, motivation, success tips, lifestyle and insightful knowledge.

2. We do not condone articles that carry fragments of racism or derogatory discrimination against race, colour, religion or personality type. Also, erotic articles that are overly saturated with sexual vulgarity are not accepted. Nonetheless, articles bearing insightful knowledge on sexuality or romance might be considered if they are geared in providing a fresh insight that is of importance to the subject matter.

3. Our tune is positive and uplifting. We appreciate articles that engage our readers and we welcome a bit of humour in the style of your writing.

4. Inasmuch as we’re a personal development platform, we do not sugar-coat reality. We love articles that are real, succinct and straightforward.

Guidelines to observe before writing for us.

1. Your article must be above 500 words. Anything short of this will not be reviewed.

2. Your article should be well structured and organised. Use headings, subheadings and lists when appropriate to provide a clear easy read.

3. Your article should revolve around a subject matter. It must be clear, succinct and precise. Don’t beat around the bush and get us confused as to what you’re trying to pass across.

4. YOUR ARTICLE MUST BE EXCLUSIVE TO GEEFLIX. This means that we hate plagiarised contents! Articles you submit to us must be your original work and shouldn’t be found anywhere else on the web. In no condition should you submit an article to us that you’ve authored on another website/blog. Please don’t!

  • We have a technological system that detects plagiarised contents and your work won’t pass through our editorial board if faulted. Spare yourself the stress and save us the time.
  • If you can’t come up with original articles, we have a tremendous list of ideas we’d be delighted to share with you that you can write about.

5. We do not accept articles that are remotely intended to promote a product, business, or service in the form of embedded links. If you wish to promote a business or service within the body of your article through a link, we offer a wide range of advertisement options and you’re welcome to bid for a sponsored post.


If you have read our guidelines ready to submit your article to us, kindly send your content in a docx* format via email to [email protected]. Attach your photo and a short bio with relevant links to your website/blog and social media account (This is however optional.)


Before submitting your article, note the following:

We get a tremendous amount of emails daily. We try as much as possible to go over everything and provide replies as fast as we can. Hence, if your article has passed our guidelines and reviewed by our editorial board and deemed fit to be published on our platform, you’ll receive a reply from us within 72 hours. If by the end of 7 days you do not receive a response from us, it means your article wasn’t approved.

Feel free to email us again to find reasons why your article wasn’t accepted. Possible reasons could be that your article never arrived or it ended up in our spam box, or you probably breached one of our guidelines. We’d be happy to give you tips to modify your article and help improve the quality of your writing.

Your article is subject to editing. Hence, we might seldom alter some info to fit the quality of our standard and meet search engine optimization requirement. Nonetheless, we’ll definitely try to maintain the style of your writing.


What do you benefit by writing for us?

1. You get all the credits. We’ll create an author box profile which will appear below your article bearing your name, bio and photo.

2. You are granted the leverage to include two links at the end of your article. First could be a link pointing to your website/blog and another a link pointing to one of your social media profiles. This will consequently serve as an SEO boost if you tend to build backlinks for your online platform.

3. Your article will get served to thousands of people who visit our platform monthly. Hence, improving your online visibility and credibility.

4. You contribute to the development of thousands! In this way, you’re helping people become the best version of themselves and consequently building a better world.